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An overall average Unique Click Through Rate of 1.72% across our Facebook campaigns.


A total of 43,428 Impressions from Google Ads campaigns.

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Almost a 35,000% increase in users opening the app for the first time.

The Challenge

Syrona Health is a provider of virtual health services for women, offering instant support for gynaecological conditions from experts and GPs. With their groundbreaking app, SORA, Syrona Health are allowing women to access dedicated GP advice, guidance and resources, as well as an online community, to help them through chronic gynaecological conditions. Plus, they also provide at-home tests for accurate and reliable diagnosis and virtual counselling services for women.

When Syrona Health first approached The Good Marketer, their new app SORA was in production, and they wanted to launch awareness for this app, to generate interest around it and encourage new customers who might need their services but who weren’t aware of their company.

We identified several key factors in our initial analysis, that offered areas for immediate improvement: 

  • A lack of brand awareness and lead generation campaigns on Facebook or Google – while there were traffic campaigns, these were not driving specific conversion events which would result in either usable audiences data for retargeting, or tangible data to identify best-performing audiences for future app-based or service campaigns.
  • A need for download-based campaign once the app was live in order to generate downloads and brand awareness.
  • A lack of structure in the existing Facebook campaigns with regards to audience profiling and targeting – which was resulting in large-scale campaigns with high cost and harder to manage audience groupings.



In order to address the aforementioned challenges, we initially started by identifying previous audience groups that had interacted with the past traffic campaigns on Facebook, in order to create clearly segmented audience types for our future campaigns. This provided us with a base from which to begin refining our audiences into Top, Middle and Bottom of the Funnel groupings to better manage and structure the Paid Social campaigns.

We initially split out the Facebook audiences into Interest-based Top of the Funnel audiences, Engagement-based Middle of the Funnel audiences, and Website Visitors and users who have Added to Cart for the Bottom of the Funnel. However, as Syrona’s key concern was to drive awareness and interest for the upcoming SORA app which was in the final stages of development, we focused our efforts first on the Top
of the Funnel audiences.

The Interest-based audiences focused on users with broader health interests, such as ‘Natural Health & Beauty’, ‘Health & Wellbeing’, ‘Gynaecology’ and ‘Reproductive health’, narrowed down to Women between the ages of 18-40 as this was the key age demographic who most commonly experience chronic gynaecological conditions such as Endometriosis. We also segmented the audiences into those with Specific health interests such as ‘PCOS support group, PCOS Challenge, PCOS Awareness, Fibromyalgia Support Group’, for a more refined, health-condition specific audience. Our audience research identified key competitors within the health industry that would be worth targeting in order to introduce Syrona Health – these brands included the likes of direct competitor Flo, and publications like ‘Women’s Health and Fitness’ magazine.

To address the main KPI for Syrona Health, which was interest in their upcoming app, we launched a Lead Generation campaign which focused on acquiring relevant users from the Top of the Funnel audiences to sign up to a ‘waitlist’ for the SORA app, focusing on the USPs of the app, and it’s benefits for women who either need support for their gynaecological conditions, or who want to learn more about symptoms they might be experiencing but without the knowledge or context to self-diagnose.

This was launched in February and generated a high level of interest for Syrona Health, and allowed us to capture relevant user data in order to retarget these audiences when the application launched.

Once the application was ready, we launched an App-campaign on Facebook which used previously segmented Top of the Funnel audiences that were targeted with the Lead Generation campaign. We initially focused on the UK industry, with a view to expanding into the US market once the campaigns had driven success.

During the six month period of March and November, these App campaigns for iOS and Android devices generated 1,135,400 Reach, 5,496,514 Impressions, 20,970 Link Clicks and an average Unique CTR of 1.68% which considering the competitiveness of the health industry market, was successful. We also expanded our targeting to include Health Professionals within the gynaecology industry, which is eventually where Syrona Health decided to focus their business model.

Due to integration issues however with the Facebook SDK, the apps engagement metrics were gathered from Firebase – and comprised of the following: 

  • 6,644 users who launched the app for the first time after installing it.
  • 1,448 app updates.
  • On average more than one session per user.
  • Low bounce rate: from less than 3% for returning users to 15% for the new users.

Considering the engagement with our initial UK campaigns, we expanded our targeting into metropolitan areas of the US such as New York, Georgia, California, Massachusetts and Puerto Rico. This was based on the potential budget for this new campaign, and previous client understanding of where the most responsive users in the US were based. These campaigns generated 219,788 Reach, 1,206,808 Impressions, 4,262 Link Clicks and an average Unique CTR of 1.59%.

We also identified an opportunity to expand our ad strategy and utilise Conversion based campaigns, pushing the At-Home testing Kits and CBD-based health products that Syrona Health offered, as this was not currently being promoted. This was kickstarted with the goal to drive on-site conversions, and utilise the audience insights we had gathered with our Top of the Funnel lead generation campaigns. 

In order to accurately target the users most likely to convert – we identified users with specific interests that we hadn’t previously targeted, such as ‘Fertility awareness’, ‘Age and female fertility’, and other competitors like ‘Fertility Friend’. This was to account for the niche testing kits, and to qualify the users as much as possible before they saw our ads.

During the two months these campaigns were live and under the management of The Good Marketer, these campaigns generated 48,925 Reach, 126,036 Impressions, 1,104 Link Clicks and a Unique CTR of 1.86%. However Syrona Health decided to restructure their business model at the latter part of the year which meant that the campaigns were paused. Syrona Health will now concentrate on a B2B model, advertising and promoting their services to health professionals within the relevant industries. 


Throughout the year, our focus on Google Ads was to drive an increase in traffic to the website, increase engagement with the relevant services offered – which at the beginning of our strategy was the Mental Health services. As the SORA app was in development, we worked closely with Syrona Health to address another of their main KPIs, which was to increase brand awareness for their virtual mental health counselling programme for women.

Initially, we began identifying keywords and phrases that were closely relevant to the services provided, focusing on ‘online counselling for women’ and ‘mental health services for women’. Beginning with more niche, long-tail keywords allowed us to reduce the cost of our Google Ad campaigns from the outset, considering the incredibly competitive mental health and counselling industry. 

We identified further keywords from competitor research, and used this to keep Syrona’s Search campaigns competitive from the outset. Our strategy initially focused on Search campaigns that drove users to the site, in order to engage with the services offered, and convert by booking a session with one of Syrona Health’s counsellors. 

Our Prospecting strategy on Google Ads expanded once the SORA app went live, and we began identifying and defining key messaging for this revolutionary app for Search campaigns and an App campaign on this platform. This involved focusing on app-specific keywords relating to Endometriosis, in order to concentrate the allocated budget on the users and search terms most likely to result in a conversion or download.

By segmenting our audiences into Ad Sets clearly defined by their root keyword, this provided us with easily manageable campaign structures that identified our best-performing audiences and keywords for future strategies.

A development partway through our partnership with Syrona resulted in them being awarded a Google Ads Grant. We took over management of the associated Google-funded Ads account, and set up our previously highly successful campaigns in this account in order to maximise the returns we were seeing from a user engagement perspective. This involved more strictly monitored metrics from Google’s perspective, in order to meet the requirements of the Grant. 

In order to keep the Grant and the associated account, our campaigns needed to maintain a constant CTR above 5%, which we achieved with ease across our highly targeted Search campaigns. Because there was a limitation to the campaign structure, in that we could only utilise Text campaigns, we focused on the highly performing App-specific and Endometriosis campaigns that we had run previously on the client-funded Ads account. 

This allowed us to use our previous KPIs as benchmarks during this period, to identify which areas we needed to optimise to improve upon our previous success. By focusing on app-specific keywords in particular for the SORA app campaigns, we were able to refine the targeting of our Awareness campaigns and drop the overall CPC, considering the competitiveness of both the women’s mental health services and the gynaecological industries. This allowed us to achieve a higher level of traffic and engagement for a lower cost.

The Results

Throughtout a 10 month, with Syrona Health, we helped to achieve: