Average ROAS Achieved From Facebook/Instagram Ads Post-IOS14.

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Revenue Generated Directly From Facebook/Instagram Advertising.

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Increase In Reach On Facebook In The Last 6 Months. 

The Challenge

Supereight is a popular UK e-commerce brand which sells street and skatewear including shoes, boots, clothing, skateboards and accessories. They stock their own products as well as iconic names in the industry such as Vans, DC Shoes and Globe. 

When they joined us, the main challenge Supereight were facing was their lack of experience in paid social, particularly Facebook ads. 

Their ads account had been repeatedly disapproved resulting in the disapproval of their business manager meaning they were unable to run ads at all thus missing out on a huge opportunity for sales. 

When their ads were running, certain shoes would regularly go out of stock resulting in the ads becoming out of date. Due to a lack of resources to focus on Facebook ads, Supereight were unable to take full advantage of the scope of the platform – a common problem amongst small to medium-sized businesses.


Once we had recognised Supereight’s main challenge, our team were able to use our expertise as a Facebook Advertising Agency to carefully set up and manage the ads account to prevent any further disapprovals. 

In terms of structure, we were able to set up and implement a funnel approach to the campaign targeting cold, warm and hot audiences. In doing so, we created space for a highly targeted strategy reflected not only in our audiences but also in our ad creative.

Based on data that Supereight had collected previously, product-specific ads tended to perform better so we tested these against broader, more generic ads to highlight which type of ad would resonate best with people who were at each stage of the marketing funnel. 

In direct response to the challenges previously faced within the ads account, we utilised Dynamic Product Ads for both our retargeting campaign, which targeted website visitors and people who had performed an add to cart event, as well as our prospecting campaign, which targeted cold audience members with relevant interests. 

By creating dynamic ads we were able to navigate any issues surrounding stock, more specifically lack thereof, as the products in the dynamic ads would update automatically according to which products were in stock and Facebook’s algorithm would deliver the most relevant product based on a users habits and interests. 

Beyond this, we also identified opportunities to drive additional sales alongside our base-line campaign structure and we introduced a payday-specific campaign to run each month to drive additional revenue.

Testing different bid strategies also played into the success of the ad account – we found Target Cost to be the most valuable and drove the highest ROAS whilst we scaled spend.

As a result of the work we have undertaken so far, Supereight is experiencing consistently high sales which are growing month-on-month.  We are now exploring new opportunities with Supereight to see how we can continue this growth including exploring Pinterest and Email.

The Results

Since working with Supereight, we have: