Average ROAS Achieved From Facebook/Instagram Ads Post-IOS14.

£ 1

Revenue Generated Directly From Facebook/Instagram Advertising.

1 %

Increase In Reach On Facebook In The Last 6 Months. 

The Challenge

Supereight is a premium eCommerce brand rooted in the skating industry, providing customers access to only the best skateboarding products that they believe in, from iconic brands all over the world. Supereight has achieved a dedicated following, high levels of sales and success since beginning in 2014, working hard to build a company that reflects the ideals and culture of its founders.

The Good Marketer was approached by Supereight with the challenge of capturing market share against the large scale brands in the same industry – the likes of Vans and Adidas for example. The retail skating industry is highly competitive, and Supereight had been using social media marketing prior to approaching The Good Marketer, but wanted to outsource the management of this to focus on internal business opportunities and scaling the brand. 

During our initial analysis, we were able to identify a few key challenges:

  • Difficulty building trust in new audiences when existing competitors are well-established and household names.
  • Non-converting traffic being directed to the website as a result of Facebook audiences that were too wide, resulting in less relevant users and significant drop-off.
  • Adverts that were not generating interest and therefore lacking in social proof – which fed into the challenge of building trust in this newer brand compared to high-profile competitors.


In order to address these challenges, we ascertained that most important was narrowing down the audience interests in the current Facebook marketing campaigns, to refine the users that were discovering the brand to relevant users highly likely to convert.

We did this by fuelling the top of the funnel with core interests that targeted well-known skate personalities like Ken Block, Mat Hoffman, Rob Dyrdek and Ryan Scheckler. Additionally, we launched high-quality lookalike audiences, and quickly discovered that the purchase lookalike drove a high, positive ROAS, and were able to use this to inform our strategy further.

Next, we focused on our advert strategy to capitalise on the ad formats that drove the most engagement and sales. We adopted a ‘test and learn’ approach to build on the existing insights available through Supereight’s previous campaigns. In the early stages, the focus was on running multiple ads with a generic approach, with ads in numerous styles and shoe brands being run. However, we discovered that traffic arriving onto the site was not converting, due to having ‘too many options’ as a result of the generic ads, leading to confusion and significant drop-off.

To combat this, we tested single product images to improve conversion rates. The result was that still images and carousel ads achieved higher conversion rates. The conversion journey as a result of showcasing fewer brands and using the Image and Carousel based ads was simplified, and allowed for a higher connection between customer and brand; likes, comments and shares drastically improved on these adverts, which helped us to build social proof and improve the trust in Supereight as a brand.

To further increase our traffic, since the more refined top of the funnel targeting was converting well, we ran a conversion campaign in the lead up to Black Friday to capture email addresses. This campaign offered our prospects an early discount code, and was met with great success. We continued to nurture this audience via email marketing, to drive up our LTV. The result is a ‘primed’ audience to create relevant, highly converting lookalike audiences from and towards which we can drive remarketing campaigns to encourage return and high-spending customers.

Following the improvements that we’d managed to drive for the top of the funnel, we focused next on optimising performance of the bottom of the funnel. We set up remarketing campaigns that consisted of a ‘hot’ website visitor ad set, targeting visitors to the site within 30 days. We also set up a catalogue sales campaign which retargeted customers who had added to cart in the last 7 days but who had not completed their purchase.

By leveraging dynamic ads to personalise the messaging towards these specific customers, we were able to significantly optimise the performance of the bottom of the funnel, driving a ROAS of 5.02 and a healthy CTR of 4.13%.

As a result of strengthening the relevance of the top of the funnel, and introducing new, highly-targeted remarketing campaigns, we were able to drive an 183% increase in sales compared to the previous year.

The Results

Despite reporting challenges with IOS14 ,we managed to effectively scale the account ad spend by 2.11X and deliver a profitable ROAS of 3.31 – this was despite the arising challenges to accurate figures being reported as a result of the iOS14 updates that took place in that year and the consequential underreporting.

We achieved a 183% increase in purchases, with 2789 conversions compared to the lower figure of 984 in the previous year before we overtook management of the campaigns. Considering that one of the main challenges was non-converting audiences when Supereight approached The Good Marketer, this demonstrates that we were able to reduce wasted traffic (and therefore spend) by refining the top of the funnel audiences, driving increasingly relevant and in-market users to the site, and driving more conversions.

We were also able to achieve a healthy overall CTR of 1.45%, which considering the established competition within this industry is a great figure to see for a newer brand still developing trust in its market.