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The Challenge

Skylab Studio is an aerial dance studio in Camden, London. They aim to deliver high quality aerial training in hoop and silks as well as fitness and flexibility classes for beginner to advanced levels. With over 10+ teachers, all of whom are highly skilled aerialists which have a passion to share their knowledge.

As a growing business, Skylab Studio were reliant on organic channels to sell their courses and drive people to their taster sessions however, this channel was unreliable and left the business hanging in the balance each month.

During our initial in-depth analysis, we identified three key challenges;


Skylab Studio were keen to work with an agency who not only could deliver the results they were looking for but also, an agency which understood their business and would become invested in their vision. The Good Marketer were appointed due to our personal approach which meant that Skylab Studio didn’t feel like another number on a spreadsheet.

To address the challenges we identified, we held a research and planning meeting with the Founder of Skylab who was able to share with us her thoughts on the issues which then allowed us to put together a comprehensive plan of action.

As part of this plan of action, we suggested a Facebook Advertising Campaign targeting Females aged 18-38 (based on existing customers) to drive Sign-Ups to the Taster Sessions which would not only drive brand awareness of Aerial as an exercise and it’s benefits but the attendees of these Taster Sessions could then be up-sold too.

Subsequently, we also identified a separate target audience which was those who were already aware of Aerial and it’s many benefits but were looking for a place where they could practice and learn more therefore, we setup a Google Ads Campaign targeting popular keywords.

The Results

Since working with Skylab Studio, we have: