The Challenge

Skycare Recruitment is an international healthcare recruitment agency. The team at Skycare Recruitment are experts at finding the right people for roles, placing highly skilled medical personnel in jobs and environments where they can truly make a difference.

When they approached us, their website was not fit for purpose and didn’t reflect their target audience or the services that Skycare Recruitment were offering. The content needed updating to reflect this and to improve rankings in the search results. SEO best practices would need to be implemented across the site structure as well as through the keyword optimisation of the on-page content to ensure maximum visibility.

The site required the functionality to display job vacancies, allow candidates to upload documents and create a place for health care providers to register their roles.

The Solution

To improve the appearance of the site, we set to work sketching out interface layouts, including the homepage and a model service page. These designs included new blocks that displayed the site’s information in more engaging ways, such as combined image and text blocks. We also incorporated clear CTAs throughout the site that provided a clear user journey towards one of the site’s goal actions, whether it is uploading a CV or requesting a call back from a member of the team. 

Alongside the design process, we also created new on—page content that was designed to engage users and also provide clear, concise information about Skycare Recruitment and their services. Although we kept text minimal, we ensured that all the text on the page was written in the brand’s tone of voice and contributed to our SEO strategy by using core keywords. We also incorporated new metadata (page titles and descriptions) that was optimised for organic visibility.

By combining these elements, we were able to create design mockups that allowed Skycare Recruitment to review the look of the website without the complexity of the development. Using their feedback, we were able to iterate on solutions and vary the layout across different screen sizes. 

As part of the process, we provided the client with two rounds of revisions on the design. Once the page design was agreed upon, we created final mockups for mobile and desktop, including responsive elements to fit multiple devices.


With help from The Good Marketer, Skycare Recruitment was able to update its site to a bespoke design that established its presence as a leading healthcare recruitment agency. 

The focus of this build was to ensure that we created a website that provided customers with more opportunities to explore Skycare Recruitment’s services and register their interest. The result was a smooth, conversion rate optimised site that uses keyword-optimised content and UX-focused navigation and functionality to drive qualified leads.