The Challenge

RevGen are a B2B marketing agency who offer bespoke, personalised outbound and demand-based services to grow businesses. Using an AI-driven approach, they source and deliver more accurate results from more data points than any other demand agency in the UK.

The Good Marketer was approached by RevGen with a clear goal – to improve their existing website so that their online presence aligned with the quality of service that their business was providing to an established portfolio of clients. We ascertained that what actually was needed was a new website. 

A full rebranding that would offer potential clients a much more  UX focused experience indicative of the standard that RevGen are striving for. The following case study showcases how we were able to do this.

The Solution

UX Focused Design

An initial design meeting with the client outlined their goal of disrupting the demand agency industry, bringing a fresh voice to what is often a tired market. This guided our approach to the design of the site itself, focusing on the simple, clean but interactive sites of fintech companies. During branding sessions we determined clear USPs that would be the ethos of the brand going forward, with expertise, revolutionary technology and an AI approach to demand generation at the heart of RevGen’s new brand.

Competitor URLs were analysed with regards to style, functionality and layout by RevGen and our web development team, in order to align the initial wireframes to an overall aesthetic that suited RevGen as a company, but that also focused on CRO for optimal user experience.

We also developed refreshed brand assets such as logos and guidelines that were guided by the client’s preferences and our understanding of what colours and styles best suited the B2B marketing industry.

Through collaboration with the client, and competitor research and specific requirements that were provided by the client, we were able to build a mockup that was much more focused on a dynamic layout, with increased functionality while remaining clean and minimalistic. This allowed for a streamlined conversion process while providing interactive features such as a cleaner Price and ROI calculator.

Added Functionality

Because functionality was determined as one of the key things that RevGen’s existing site did not have, our design and build was focused on implementing added functionality that would provide value to the client – not just for the sake of it.

The key way we did this was to add in a Price and ROI calculator on the homepage, stripping back the complex layouts seen in competitors’ calculators and aligning it with the new clear, focused branding. The Price calculator offers potential clients transparency over the costs of partnering with RevGen. The ROI calculator offers an equally transparent estimation of just what levels of return RevGen can bring to any potential client based on a number of factors.

These tools are designed to increase trust with potential clients, and better qualify enquiries before they are submitted, to reduce the processing time internally and better equip RevGen to meet their clients needs.

Interactive Design

Another key design element that we wanted to include was dynamic images and illustrations throughout the website. This was not only a request from the client, but something that our design team understood to reflect the dynamic nature of RevGen as a brand, but that would also ensure the website stood out from the majority of the industry, avoiding the static websites of many other B2B demand generation companies.

We ensured that these illustrations and GIFs were cohesive, choosing an illustrated style to ensure that the website remained clean, but fresh. This improved the interactive qualities of the site, and made the UX much more pleasing as customer’s moved through the conversion journey.

Our inhouse teams also conducted in-depth keyword research for an accompanying SEO strategy, which would ensure the site was optimised with high-converting keywords to boost site visibility without compromising the overall UX focused design. From there, we created optimised content that sits naturally on the newly designed pages, incorporating seamless SEO into the strong brand tone of voice that we cultivated during the branding stage.

This project also required a great deal of manoeuvrability, as our target keywords changed during the development process as RevGen wanted to avoid limiting themselves just to ‘B2B’ phrases. Our flexible approach to website development processes allowed us to accommodate this change and ensure that our content was targeting only the keywords that RevGen felt were most accurate to their business specifics.


As a result of our successful Website Development project, RevGen now has a website which reflects their position as an industry-leading demand agency.

The website is clean, simple and user-friendly. It includes elements such as the top navigation process for increased UX, accessible contact forms for increased CRO that streamlines the conversion journey, and increased functionality that allows RevGen to qualify users before they get in touch, like the Price and ROI calculator.

Because we were also able to integrate SEO opportunities with this UX-centred build, the new site has also seen positive improvement in user engagement with the site, high levels of organic traffic and more SERP ranking opportunities.