The Challenge

RevGen is a B2B marketing agency that offers bespoke, personalised outbound and demand-based services to grow businesses. Using an AI-driven approach, they source and deliver more accurate results from more data points than any other demand agency in the UK.

The Good Marketer was approached by RevGen with a clear goal – to improve their existing website so that their online presence aligned with the quality of service their business provided to an established client portfolio. We ascertained that RevGen, as a result, needed a new website.

This complete rebranding would offer potential clients a much more UX-focused experience indicative of the standard that RevGen is striving for. The following case study showcases how we were able to do this.

The Solution

UX Focused Design

An initial design meeting with the client outlined their goal of disrupting the demand agency industry, bringing a fresh voice to a tired market. This guided our approach to the site’s design, focusing on the simple, clean, but interactive sites of fintech companies; we wanted to set out to make RevGen’s site straightforward and modern.

During our branding sessions, we pinpointed RevGen’s unique expertise, cutting-edge technology, and AI-driven approach. We checked out competitors’ actions to ensure our plans matched RevGen’s style, keeping things professional and user-friendly.

As we moved into the development phase, we refreshed RevGen’s brand assets – logos and guidelines that matched the tones of the B2B marketing industry. The result? A dynamic layout that looked good and offered an elevated user experience. It had a clean and minimalistic appearance while featuring interactive elements on the homepage.

Added Functionality

To boost functionality, we focused on what RevGen needed rather than what they already had. The strategic addition of the price and ROI calculator on the homepage was a game-changer. It brought transparency to partnership costs and estimated returns, building trust, qualifying inquiries, and ensuring RevGen could meet client needs more effectively.

Interactive Design

To further improve RevGen’s branding, we seamlessly added dynamic images and illustrations throughout the website. This design choice showcased RevGen’s dynamic character and set the website apart in the B2B demand generation space. It wasn’t just a website but a professional and engaging experience.

Key elements such as testimonials to build credibility, easy-to-read icons summarising RevGen’s strengths, and team profiles to add a personal touch were also strategically placed. Service pages were enriched with all the information users needed, and an added blog section helped position RevGen as a professional authority while maximising SEO opportunities.

On the content side, our in-house SEO team at The Good Marketer performed thorough keyword research to inform an SEO strategy that smoothly matched the user-focused design. The flexibility of our website development processes allowed us to adapt to shifts in target keywords, ensuring the content accurately reflected RevGen’s tone of voice whilst maintaining relevancy for search intent.

This comprehensive approach seamlessly integrated these elements into the revamped website, aligning it with RevGen’s vision and addressing crucial aspects of user engagement, credibility building, and lead generation.


As a result of our successful website development project, RevGen now has a website that reflects its position as an industry-leading demand agency.

The website is clean, simple and user-friendly. It includes elements such as the top navigation process for increased UX, accessible contact forms for increased CRO that streamlines the conversion journey, and increased functionality that allows RevGen to qualify users before they get in touch, like the Price and ROI calculator.

As a result of this, we were also able to integrate SEO opportunities with this UX-centred build, and the new site has also seen an improvement in user engagement with the site, high levels of organic traffic and more SERP ranking opportunities.