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Conversion rate achieved via. email marketing.

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Revenue generated from our successful email campaign.


The eROAS generated through our Facebook Ads.

The Challenge

This business is a private shoemaking school in London and has been in operation since 2010. The school attracts students from all over the globe and has expanded its offering of online courses. The online courses teach an innovative shoe making technique that allows students to learn how to make high-quality shoes without the use of heavy machinery, making it possible for students to make their own shoes from home. 

The business approached us to work with them on their Paid Social and Paid Search campaigns to improve the ROAS and increase their conversion rates. During our in-depth analysis, we were able to identify three key challenges; 

  • An inability to track what purchases came from Digital Advertising which was only worsened by IOS14.
  • They had previously worked with another digital marketing agency but had failed to see the results they were looking for. 
  • COVID-19 forced them to cancel over 250 in-person classes and move the entire school online.


This client was eager to work with an agency that could help them deliver the results they required and deserved, so here at The Good Marketer, we worked hard to ensure that would happen. 

First of all, the business has spent its time finding out as much information about its target audience as possible. Utilising this information, we created a campaign structure that encouraged audiences to purchase the Footwear Masterclass course directly through Cold Conversion Campaigns. We also planned to leverage conversion campaigns to retarget anybody who had visited the website but hadn’t yet purchased. 

Due to the price point of the product, which was £750 for the course, we knew that this was not a quick process. 

Initially, we started with a £1500 budget on Paid Social and targeted cold audiences such as those interested in crafts, cat lovers, sewing and jewellery makers. We generated one sale for the first two weeks, which gave us a ROAS of 1x. After two weeks, we launched our retargeting campaign as we felt we had built up enough data.

Unfortunately, this had a relatively low conversion rate and only converted once. We let the Cold and Hot campaign run throughout August and September and make numerous optimisations to try and improve performance. However, this campaign only converted three times and had a negative ROAS of below x0.5. 

We knew we needed to adopt a different approach and switch the campaign strategy upon reviewing the results.

We decided to change the campaign to focus on sign-ups for the free mini-course to generate interest for the footwear masterclass course. We did this by setting up a Facebook cold campaign that targeted those with creative hobbies and sewing interests in the UK and US. We set a budget of £40 a day, and we planned to scale up the campaign if performance improved. 

All mini-course sign-ups from this campaign were added to an email marketing automation; the flow then sends 1-5 emails to those who have signed up for the Free Mini-Course but have not purchased the Footwear masterclass course.

The first email shares the Free Mini-Course, and the 3rd and 4th email promote the Footwear Masterclass course. The 5th email offers a 10% discount, used to drive as many purchases as possible.

We found this email automation successful, especially when combined with our Facebook/Instagram advertising campaigns. In total, we were able to achieve nearly a 3% conversion rate with over 60 sales. This resulted in a conversion value of over £38,000 and an eROAS of x7.00. 

Despite a slow start, we are able to achieve the results the client was looking for and that is the true beauty of PPC. You can see the data in real-time and use this data to influence your decisions. 

The Results

Whilst working with this business, we have;