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Increase in goal completion since joining The Good Marketer.

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Increase in sessions.

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Search visibility has doubled during the duration of the search campaign.

The Challenge

Nike Discount Codes is an established discount code website that provides users with reliable discount codes for Nike.com. The codes vary in the offer they provide for all kinds of sports apparel, from trainers to jackets and streetwear. These codes are available in Europe, Asia and North America.  

Nike Discount Codes approached us to work with them on their SEO optimisation in May 2020. During our initial analysis, we were able to identify key areas with opportunities for improvement, immediately plugging gaps in their SEO strategy to improve the efficiency and impact of their website.

  • Suffered a severe drop in their rankings due to the competitive nature of the industry.
  • Their most competitive keyword, “nike discount code”, was high search volumes so we would need to implement a completely new, fresh strategy in order to reclaim space in the search engine results.
  • As a small business with a small website, we needed to ensure that the website was building up authority and driving traffic to the site.

Since then, we have achieved a 608% increase in goal completions. This means that website sessions have increased by 14.74% in just 6 months. We have also contributed to a significantly increased rate of new and returning customers by doubling search engine visibility due to our search campaign. We have also increased positioning for their most competitive keyword, “nike discount code”, with ongoing and consistent effort, from position 28 to position 12.


Over the last 6 months, we have focused on creating optimised on-page content for the core pages on the site, including those along the top navigation bar and key category pages for products.

To support our On-Page Strategy, we added optimised content that provides context around what Nike Discount Codes do, how they differ from other providers and maintain high quality throughout the site. This creates an authoritative brand and builds trust with the user.”

We have also been focused on implementing a comprehensive Off-Page SEO campaign, by securing high quality, regular digital PR links from third-party placements which has seen our Domain Authority increase.

To support our On-Page Strategy, we added in content that was optimised for relevant keywords, and of high quality with regards to providing context around what Nike Discount Codes do, how they differ from other providers and allowing the content to be cohesive across the site, this creates an authoritative brand and generates trust with the user.

As a result of this, we’ve seen positive user engagement on the site compared to the previous 6 months, with the average time that each user spends on site increasing by 8.23% to just over 1 minute and 50 seconds. This is indicative that the audiences reaching the site are spending longer engaging with the site itself, therefore increasing the likelihood of converting.

We’ve also seen the bounce rate remain steady at 50%, which is very low considering this is an e-commerce site with specialised products. This suggests that the work we’ve done during our On-Page SEO campaign is generating the desired results.

Our main focus for content has been creating optimised content for all collection and product pages, with above the fold and below the fold content to ensure that our on-page strategy is in line with SEO best practices. We’ve also focused on creating high-quality content for our EAT pages in order to establish that sense of authority, expertise and trust.

During recent months, we also identified other key areas of opportunity, with regards to the keywords that we were actively targeting. In order to improve the volume of new users navigating to, and discovering the site, we established that broader keywords as part of our SEO strategy would accomplish this. Keywords such as ‘discount codes for trainers’ rather than just focusing on key showcase brands like Nike and Adidas. This aligns with Nike Discount Codes’ ambitions to increase their portfolio of brands in the future.

We began targeting these keywords in our On-Page Blog content, and our Off-Page SEO campaigns, in order to increase the authority for these newer keywords and continue to drive relevant traffic, while boosting the page’s domain authority by securing those high-quality digital PR links.

The Results

Between June and December 2021, we have: