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26% CTR for email campaigns compared to the industry average of 18%.

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4647% increase in impressions to a total of 12K in a 6 month period.

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183% increase in impressions over 6 months.

The Challenge

Nancy Florence specialises in high-end coaching for established female business owners to help them run a sustainable and successful business by investing in themselves at a high level.

Nancy came on board wanting to boost the number of business women engaging with her coaching services, with reaching the right audience as her primary challenge.

Some of the initial challenges we identified were:

  • Ensuring that the correct tone of voice was used – high-energy, authoritative but sensitive and caring.
  • Increasing the number of leads being generated.
  • Adapting how clients are approached due to the restrictions of COVID-19.
  • Increasing brand visibility by reaching new and fresh audiences.


We initially launched a lead generation campaign using an on-Facebook form for the Wealth Warrioress Academy, one of Nancy Florence’s training courses. 

This campaign offered instant value to the users targeted, providing an immediate 5 Day Challenge to achieve one high-end client for sign-up. These leads were then automatically entered into communication for the Wealth Warrioress Academy. 

We were able to target users effectively because we collaborated with Nancy herself and took a holistic approach to understand her ethos and core essence to imitate her unique voice. In doing so, we got a better insight into the type of audience her business would be targeting.

To make the most of the engaged Facebook and Instagram audiences, we set up engagement campaigns that focused on the users who had interacted with the pages within the last 60 days.

This resulted from our audience analysis and understanding that the desired audience was most active on Instagram. This campaign pushed the performance of the 5 Day Challenge to create a funnel for these leads into the higher-expense Wealth Warroriess Academy. 

To widen the net of audiences reached and increase the number of leads generated, we also launched a meditation campaign that focused on providing instant value to all users with the same view of retargeting them later with the Wealth Warrioress Academy.

The Results

During our time working with Nancy Florence, we: