The Challenge

Mayday Electrical is a company in London that offers various electrical services for businesses, commercial landlords, and homeowners. They also provide services of electrical design, installation, and maintenance.

Mayday Electrical had come to The Good Marketer with a basic website, which was created at the start of the business. While it may have been appropriate then, it was time for the website to expand as the company and services they offer also developed.

These expansions included adding content & features for EV Chargers to bring more awareness to their latest service. In addition, optimised content for better search engine visibility.

The Solution

We redesigned Mayday Electrical’s website to have a more professional first impression by adding a new logo and refreshed branding to boost the business’ credibility. We conducted a site migration and transferred all the existing content after reviewing and optimising it for SEO to ensure that the new website could rank higher in the search results.

Our primary focus was to expand the website by including information about EV chargers, which was a new service for Mayday Electrical. As well as informative content, we implemented a comparison table, which allowed users to compare different brands of chargers and the associated features. We also created a self-survey form, meaning those interested in getting a quote for an at-home charging point installation could upload images of their home and set up, allowing for a bespoke and highly accurate quote without a site visit.


Our focus for this project was not only to improve the face of the website but also to make it as user-friendly as possible. With help from The Good Marketer, Mayday Electrical now operates a fresh, modern website that is climbing the search results and offers a top-tier user experience.