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Increased CTR by 25% on Video Ads on Facebook in a six month period.


Generated an average Facebook ROAS of 3.51 in six months.


New and relevant in-market users reached.

The Challenge

This London Fashion Boutique was established in 2007 and is a retail e-commerce company that specialises in luxury clothing. They are particularly renowned for catwalk-inspired, high-quality fabric and detailed finishing garments sold in stores worldwide.

The Fashion Boutique approached The Good Marketer to generate new sales during COVID-19, as their physical stores had been closed and the brand lacked an online presence.

The initial challenges we identified were:

  • Lack of brand awareness due to COVID-19 and a low online presence.
  • Low-quality video content in their current advertising efforts.
  • A large Instagram following, but this audience wasn’t being leveraged successfully.
london fashion boutique


As Brand Awareness was one of the main objectives that came to light during our initial analysis, we first focused our attention on running successful campaigns on Facebook that increased the visibility and overall online presence of this London Fashion Boutique. 

We started by testing lookalike audiences and website visitors as new audiences, but that didn’t gain the desired traction. To overcome this issue, extensive audience research was carried out to better understand the target demographics and their interests; we tested and stacked the top-performing core interests such as Karen Millen, Zara (retailer) and Moda Fashion. 

This allowed us to reach highly engaged and relevant users within the industry to reach new users who might not have been aware of the brand before and capture this interest and convert it into qualified sales. We also created specific Facebook ads catered to these audiences to generate new sales and speak directly to these relevant users. The in-depth audience research and targeted copy resulted in a positive ROAS of 3.55.

To horizontally scale the account, we experimented with some ‘out of the box targeting.’ A new demographic interested in luxury handbags were targeted, which this London Fashion Boutique hadn’t done before. These ad campaigns recorded a high ROAS of 8.51. We capitalised on the sales performance of this by increasing the budget for this particular interest, to improve on the number of direct sales.

We then turned our attention to the low performance of the pre-existing video content, which we identified in our initial analysis of the account as it wasn’t getting the engagement, views or sales to make it efficient. 

Our in-house videographer and graphics team edited the video content that the London Fashion Boutique provided and made some changes. For instance, we added the company logo, more suitable music, and a CTA (Call To Action). The optimised video led to a CTR increase of 25%.

We levered Dynamic Ads in a carousel format to increase the engagement with the ads at this stage. We provided prospects at the Top of the Funnel with a variety of ads such as Catalogue, Slideshow, Single Image and Video. 

From audience testing, we quickly learned that still product-specific creative resonated with the target demographic, especially the Top of the Funnel audiences who hadn’t heard of the brand previously. So we focused our efforts on this to improve the efficiency of this stage of the conversion journey. 

Regarding the Middle of the Funnel audiences, such as social media engagers, we found out through testing that they interacted with lifestyle imagery with models’ wearing and showing off the clothes. Identifying the creative that resonated with the particular stages of the funnel the most allowed us to continually refine our advertising efforts with targeted creative and copy that hits customer pain points. This meant we could capitalise on pattern-based behaviours to increase sales and generate more brand awareness for this London Fashion Boutique.

The Results

During six months working with this London Fashion Boutique we have: