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The average CTR generated across our campaigns.


High quality leads generated which turned into high-value conversions.

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The average conversion rate across our PPC advertising.

The Challenge

The business was launching a supplementary service to their core business of printed and custom packaging tubes. They have been around for almost 30 years producing paper cores and tubes and branched out into custom printed tubes to improve their margin, all made in the UK and to industry-leading environmentally friendly standards.

They initially approached The Good Marketer in order to utilise a full-service digital marketing agency that would generate high quality leads through PPC advertising to scale their business. They wanted a transparent agency to form a collaborative partnership with, who captured their ethos while expanding their brand.

We identified some key challenges during our analysis including:

  • The business had no previous clients, which meant no social proof to bolster the scaling of their brand.
  • A highly competitive sector with many larger outfits to compete with.
  • Search terms used to describe the products were difficult to identify as many users had specific or niche requests – which meant there were many low volume generic keywords and little traffic from these pools.


As our initial objective was to generate leads and scale the business, we approached our strategy from this angle, electing to use tailored PPC campaigns and carefully optimised landing pages to accompany these. This was due to the nature of the business, and as a result of our initial audit, which suggested that Google advertising would be the best channel from which to drive traffic.

In order to do so, we ascertained that it was crucial to understand the business’s products, the specific pain points their customers had and how these were addressed. We visited their offices in order to understand the full process, and the minutiae of their business.

Our first step was conducting in-depth keyword research and competitor analysis. As we initially identified, the product and services offered by the business are unique, and so not necessarily the first solution from the customer’s perspective when trying to solve their packaging needs. Therefore, we decided to start with Search campaigns segmented into ad groups categorised by specific industries, and selected keywords that addressed these specific needs such as: ‘unique candle packaging’. This meant that we were able to allocate the budget to a wider range of ad groups, as these keywords were niche enough to be low-cost, but with enough search volume to warrant targeting.

We created conversion rate optimised landing pages for these campaigns, to ensure that ad relevance was high and user experience was similarly positive, by directing users to a dedicated landing page with an easy, intuitive lead process.

During the ad copy stage, we ensured this was tailored to the specific segmented industries, utilising insights from our competitor research to inform our focus on USP-led messaging to let the business stand out. Due to a low starting budget, as the client was new to digital marketing and wanted to start conservatively, we launched two Search campaigns: one focused on generic tube packaging, and one focused on industry-specific keywords.

Once the campaigns were live and producing results, as a consequence of the low starting budget we paid close attention to their performance, tightly controlling ad visibility and performing weekly search term audits. This ensured traffic was as relevant as possible while remaining in budget, and keeping conversion rates high.

By reviewing keyword performance proactively, and setting up some as experiments to test traffic levels, we were able to discern keywords that drove a considerably higher CPC and so were able to limit or exclude these to keep costs low without compromising lead quality.

After around 3 months of performance, and continued communication with the business, it became apparent that they couldn’t keep up with the demand that our Search campaigns were producing whilst maintaining the quality of service that was their USP. Therefore, we placed emphasis on driving high quality over quantity, and did this by launching new Search campaigns which solely focused on the most bespoke but high-performing keywords; keeping the targeting as close to the root keywords as possible. This meant that the business could save time on processing lower-value leads to focus their resources on higher value, greater converting enquiries.

As a result, the campaigns performed extremely well, generating a significant number of leads at a cost per lead which was well below our target figure in their first six months. After changing our strategy to focus on bespoke keywords and higher value leads, we noticed a considerable improvement on the quality of leads while our proactive management ensured these were driven at a CPL that was still within target range.

The Results

During the first six months of working with the business, we were able to: