Achieved a total 301,272 impressions on YouTube in less than 6 months


446 downloads on the podcast platforms


Secured a total of 1860 Youtube subscribers

The Challenge

Guerrilla Trading is an online forex trading service that was established with the aim of helping traders succeed in the Forex market. They are particularly renowned for their simple and effective trading strategy. 

Guerrilla Trading approached The Good Marketer to launch a brand new YouTube channel and Podcast. 

The initial challenges we identified were: 

  • A lack of pre-produced video content to leverage on the new YouTube channel
  •  High scepticism and biases from new people arriving on the channel due to the nature of the industry 
  • There were a lot of big channels we would have to compete with for the same audience


As brand awareness was the main objective with the new channels, we first focused our attention on analysing competitors and current trends that were on at the time.

We started by looking at the best performing channels and what they had in common. From there we noticed a couple of crucial aspects such as: upload frequency, video topics, video length and call to actions. We then continued researching the most viewed videos in the last 12 months. That has allowed us to cherry-pick the videos that people would engage with the most giving us a competitive advantage over older channels. 

The next step was to shortlist the best video ideas and come-up with creative titles that would drive clicks onto the videos. Once the titles were chosen, our creative team would create scripts for all the videos that we would shoot after. 

From there, scripts went through a series of feedback and amends to make sure that the brand ethos is maintained whilst encouraging people to get involved with the Forex trading community. 

The following phase consisted of production of the videos in different locations and venues around both London and Birmingham. On the day of each shoot, our creative team would collaborate with the client in producing the necessary content, following the scripts but also adding extra inputs were feasible. 

Regarding the post-production process, we had a very streamlined process that has allowed us to minimise the time needed for amendments. This has allowed us to spend more time in overall strategy resulting in increased watch time after the first 2 months. 

The podcast production came as an extension of the YouTube channel. To minimise the amount of time needed to script and record separate podcast episodes, our creative team integrated the YouTube content within Guerrilla Trading’s podcast strategy. This has allowed for additional organic brand awareness for the brand whilst also tapping into new audiences that would otherwise not come across the YouTube channel.  

The Results

Between January and June 2021, we have: