Generate over 30,000 sales from all our marketing efforts combined.

£ 1

Achieved a CPA of £1.85 on Facebook and an overall CPA of £1.44.


Achieved a ROAS of 5.36 on Facebook and an eROAS of 6.66.

The Challenge

Flique Cosmetics is an online cosmetics company originally born from a collaboration with Charlotte Crosby, which produces beauty products for lips, lashes and more. 

Sister brand to Easilocks, Flique Cosmetics had a lot of excess stock from their original collaboration that they wanted to sell to help free up space in their warehouse. 

Aside from this main goal, we identified a few challenges for Flique Cosmetics.

  • Their Charlotte Crosby collaboration had been around for a number of years and had lost significant traction over time.
  • Flique Cosmetics lacked its own personal presence and often fell into the shadow of Easilocks, meaning there was a lack of brand awareness.
  • The excess stock was holding Flique Cosmetics back from moving forward as they couldn’t accommodate any new products or collections.


With Flique Cosmetics, we had two main objectives. First, we needed to help drive awareness of the brand and re-establish a collaboration that had essentially gone stale. Second, we needed to help shift the excess stock so that Flique Cosmetics could free up space for new products.

With that in mind, we focussed on large and loud promotions and tested various types of offers across Paid Social. In order to revive the original collaboration, we utilised creative featuring Charlotte using the products and promoting the sale which remained our best performing creative throughout the campaign. We began with an Everything £2 Sale which ran to a Charlotte Crosby interest audience between September and November and delivered 388 purchases and a £7.78 CPA. We also supplemented our campaign during this time with email marketing and achieved the sale of 8224 products overall which was a great result and an increase of 609% compared to the previous period.

Then, we hit a stumbling block. Flique’s most popular products sold out meaning we were left without that leverage for our ads. We continued with the £2 Sale over the next 3 months but saw CPA rise to almost £15 and sales drop to just shy of £4,000. Although we were still profitable, achieving this result from an ad spend of £900, we decided to take a break from our paid social efforts due to a shift in priorities into the main brand, Easilocks.

Cut to Q4 and we relaunched our ads with an even stronger £1 Everything Sale which delivered 600 purchases with a CPA of £1.53. We were able to achieve the sale of almost 6,000 products on Shopify from an ad spend of under £1,000.

When the new year rolled around, we decided to continue with the £1 Sale and increase our spend by 400% to around £2,000 for the month which resulted in a Facebook CPA of £2.06, a ROAS of 5.00, and an overall eCPA of £1.44 and an eROAS of 6.77. Over a 3-month period, the £1 Sale helped us achieve over £20,000 in revenue – an increase of over 10,867% from the previous quarter.

Although we started with combined ad sets targeting only Charlotte Crosby, we were later able to break these down and expand our audience targeting further to interests such as Holly Hagan, Geordie Shore, Beauty and, of course, Charlotte Crosby. In terms of performance, our Holly Hagan audience drove the highest ROAS but our Geordie Shore audience drove the highest volume of purchases.

The average order value for this period was £38.47, meaning we were shifting multiple products per purchase, including products from their main brand, Easilocks, highlighting a clear crossover. As well as significant discounts, we also wanted to think more tactically about how to help shift larger amounts of stock and help maintain that high average order value for Flique Cosmetics. We decided to create bundles with a variety of products, including lip glosses, highlighters, lashes and more and generated 1,053 purchases at a CPA of £2.06 in January alone.

The Results

Over a 3-month period, we helped Flique Cosmetics: