The Challenge

This business is a provider of finance solutions for property development, for small providers who have previously struggled to secure funding from a bank or other development funders. They focus on offering personable customer service and efficient solutions with some of the fastest processing times in the industry.

The Good Marketer was approached by the business for the purpose of adjusting their website, as it needed revamping in order to represent the professional but personable approach that the business had established with numerous clients. While the site itself was functional, there were evident opportunities for the customer journey to be improved with regards to the ease of submitting leads, and navigation of the site. The following case study highlights how we were able to do this without encroaching on the business’s existing reputation within the industry.

The Solution

Effective Design For An Effective Finance Provider

We needed to initially understand the issues that the business had with their existing website, and how best we could bring this up to the quality expected by potential clients. This involved extensive meetings to discuss tone of voice, and their design preferences so that we could seamlessly combine our suggestions to improve UX and their desired branding aesthetic.

It was quickly identified that the main improvement was regarding the lead generation process on the existing site, and how it could be refined. This involved in-depth communication between our web development team and the client themselves, so that we understood clearly how they wanted to qualify their clients.

While this slowed down the building process for the wireframes, it was a crucial step to ensure that the build itself was centralised around CRO. A more succinct lead process would provide a better UX for clients by minimising the barriers to conversion that often come with complex lead/contact forms.

Lead Focused Designs

Ultimately, it was decided that a simpler pop up lead submission process was the best choice, as this allowed customers to quickly enter in their interest, and would offer the business with follow-up opportunities to build strong relationships in the consultation phase. This simple process also enabled more instances of clear CTAs on the landing page, without interrupting the prospective client’s use of the site.


CRO Based Development

It was important to the business that their ethos of transparency and efficiency be transmitted in the build and structure of the site itself. This focused our approach to the build into one based on CRO, and a succinct but intuitive structure for prospective clients. 

The existing site did not have separate landing pages for the differing finance solutions provided, which was identified as not only a necessity to make overall navigation of the site easier, but also a key SEO opportunity to boost the brand’s online presence.

User Focused Navigation

We implemented a more detailed top navigation structure, with clear delineation between the types of finance services available. We also identified the need for key pages such as an About Us, Blog and Case Study page, to showcase previous successes and to build trust and authority within prospective clients. Our content team carried out in-depth keyword research based on market insights and competitor analysis, to identify the most accessible and relevant keywords for the homepage and key service pages. By carefully incorporating these keywords into our refreshed content, this meant we could increase the visibility of the site without compromising UX. 

Improving the site in line with best CRO practices, we implemented more CTAs within the landing pages, providing key instances for conversion. Valuable USPs were identified more clearly in added sections on the page, to continue building trust and authority; while keyword optimised content was distributed evenly throughout the page to contribute to our SEO strategy without compromising the CRO structure.


By incorporating relevant, keyword focused content with a strong tone of voice into the newly conversion rate optimised navigation structure of the site, we were able to create a site that offers valuable information, optimised to boost visibility, without compromising the UX focused build.

Our overall CRO focused build helped establish a clearer customer journey, with the goal of improving the overall engagement with the site and ensuring that when potential clients do navigate to the site, it’s a streamlined and user-friendly experience.

Because we were also able to support this build with SEO efforts, this benefits the overall visibility of the website on the competitive SERPs for this industry, with a focus on relevant, in-market keywords to drive traffic and exposure for the business.