The Challenge

Easilocks are best known for their premium, award-winning hair extensions that offer both volume and length to women who want to change up their look. Easilocks’ salons lie at the core of the business, with their collection of salons setting the foundation for the business’s expansion into its online offering of professional hair extensions.

The Good Marketer had been working with the Easilocks brand for over a year when we were approached in November 2020 to manage the online strategy for one of their salon locations, Easilocks Westfield. Within several weeks of working together, it soon became apparent that in order to effectively manage the online strategy, a new website was required. 

The previous salon site was outdated and in desperate need of an update to better represent the brand. As well as updating the look of the site, Easilocks wanted to reorganise the site navigation to move contact and appointment booking options for all their salons to one website. They also wanted to have all salons under one roof rather than individual websites for their salons. 

During our conversations with the client, we identified the following objectives: 

  • Refresh the site with a modern, sleek design that reflected the brand.
  • Introduce interactive features like appointment booking and a hair extension calculator.
  • Update and SEO optimise the information on the salon pages to boost SERP visibility.
  • Reorganise the site to incorporate all of their locations into one website. 
  • Optimise the site for mobile devices.
easilocks salon

The Solution

We carried out a design and research meeting with the client to determine what they liked about their current site and what they liked about competitors. Our findings were presented to the client who made a final decision and gave us a clear brief from which to work from. 

Easilocks Salons were looking to achieve and deliver simple and streamlined customer service with their website. However, we knew that their existing content management system, Wix, offered limited options for customisation and improvements to functionality. This lack of functionality meant calls to action and interactive aspects like booking systems were ineffective and the site was not SEO optimised. 

To give the client maximum benefit from the newly SEO optimised content, we updated the content management system to WordPress. We knew that WordPress offered unlimited functionality and customisation options and would allow Easilocks Salons to achieve all their new website goals. 

By updating the content management system, we were able to organise the website into functional sections that optimised the customer journey. The information on the salon pages is now purposeful and concise, while the sophisticated visual branding reflects the premium quality of the products. The salon site now appears as a natural extension of the Easilocks brand.

Website Optimisations

After the updates, the website looks smart and professional with clear calls to action.

The navigation system now allows for a clear customer journey to the salon-specific location pages.

The new Lookbook page provides instant inspiration and covers a wide variety of hair colours. The information below the images helps customers to learn about the services offered and the way the products are integrated into the natural hair. Each example is taken from a client consultation at an Easilocks salon.

The new calculator feature provides customers with a tailored service by allowing website visitors to calculate the cost and affordability of their requirements.


By giving the site a modern, sleek look, we were able to make the Easilocks Salons site more in keeping with the brand. The simple, clear structure of the website has improved the conversion rate and proved to be more user-friendly. As a result, the site has also seen a decrease in bounce rate, improved session duration and an increase in total pages per session. 

All pages are now optimised for SEO through capitalising on keywords relating to the salon services and their locations. This will make the Easilocks Salons site more visible to potential clients using relevant search terms.