Conversions Generated.

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Overall Conversion Rate.

£ 1

Average Cost Per Conversion.

The Challenge

Disrepair Helpline is a claims management company that specialises in housing disrepair claims for tenants, council-owned houses and private renters. They provide specialist advice from housing solicitors with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Disrepair Helpline joined with The Good Marketer to grow the number of enquiries on their website and to grow the reach of their company.

During our initial assessment we found a number of areas that needed improvement:


In order to solve the challenges we found during our assessment, we initially introduced conversion optimised landing pages for our Paid Search campaigns, based on the most relevant search terms.

To do this we carried out extensive keyword research, pinpointing the most relevant and accessible search terms that would not only increase the reach of Disrepair Helpline’s website and services but would allow the client’s website to target the right audiences and maximise clicks, impressions and conversions. We also made sure that we targeted these keywords in our ad copy and website in order to optimise for Quality Score.

Once we had optimised the landing pages, we set up Google Search campaigns which focused on. By implementing ad copy that was relevant to the targeted keywords, and regularly reviewed to ensure the messaging was fresh and current, we managed to achieve a successful Conversion Rate and Cost Per Conversion which was most impressive and apparent over a three-month period.

During the first month, we achieved the following metrics:

Month 1

  • 58 Conversions.
  • 6.57% Conversion Rate.
  • £14.11 Average Cost Per Conversion.

While these results on their own were relatively positive, the Cost Per Conversion was too high compared to the client’s target, and though the Conversion Rate was above industry standard at 6.57%, the number of Conversions achieved was still underwhelming for the client.

However, as we moved into months two and three, we saw a significant improvement in our key metrics:



Month 2

  • 108 Conversions.
  • 6.12% Conversion Rate.
  • £10.98 Average Cost Per Conversion.

Month 3

  • 92 conversions (dropped due to Christmas).
  • 7.66% Conversion Rate.
  • £10.68 Average Cost Per Conversion.

Overall, from the August 2019 – January 2020 period, we achieved:

  • 530 Conversions.
  • 7.87% Conversion Rate.
  • £11.87 Average Cost Per Conversion.

In month 1, Paid Search campaigns are still in the learning phase, without enough data to perform at their best. Google is an algorithm, and as such requires data to begin implementing best practices and strategies in order to start achieving positive, impactful results.

Understanding this has how we run our Paid Search campaigns, and why we offer 3-month contracts to our clients. When performance is measured on a month by month, singular basis, often the results can be disappointing – especially when new campaigns are set up and running.

There is often the perception that a new campaign will immediately bring in dramatic results when as proven by our work with Disrepair Helpline, this is not the case.

As part of our ongoing management, we carry out weekly optimisations, including keyword analysis, ad copy improvements, bid adjustments, etc. This ensures that we can optimise the campaigns for best performance and utilise the data gathered by Google’s algorithm.

The Results

During our time working with Disrepair Helpine, we have:


“Have no problems recommending Tom and the team. They understood our business and our clients well and managed to get me leads from day one. A breath of fresh air!

Zach Draper, Disrepair Helpline