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Drove an 85% increase in revenue of £51,530.15

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Generated a 90% increase in online orders through our Google and Social Media.


Generated an eROAS of 3.37 in less than 2 months of working together

The Challenge

Canopy Plants is best known for its sustainable ethos and reputation for harboring high quality plants and pots. They are particularly renowned for their sustainable packaging, but also because they’re a carbon neutral company. 

Canopy Plants approached us with the goal of improving the performance of their ads and eventually scaling them.

Naturally, our strategy evolved and developed over time, addressing new challenges as the campaigns went on. The challenges we initially identified were:

  • Lack of profitable results from Facebook and Google.
  • Fundamental errors in the digital marketing strategy that meant Google wasn’t spending their budget or delivering ads correctly, and Facebook campaigns needed streamlining and splitting into prospecting/retargeting campaigns.
  • Despite having an excellent customer return rate of 33%, Canopy Plants weren’t getting enough top-of-funnel traffic to see a profitable return.


Building on the success of our initial campaigns and in response to these challenges, we introduced a range of measures to improve the overall performance. These were:

  • Correcting the bidding on Google so search campaigns could be optimised.
  • Switching the Shopping campaign to Smart Shopping.
  • Splitting the Facebook campaigns into different funnel stages, ensuring relevant ads were delivered to users at each stage of the buying journey.
  • Setting up email flows to help nurture customers after both acquisition and purchase with the goal of increasing lifetime value.


After just 2 months working with The Good Marketer, Canopy Plants’ account spent £9,331.11 (a 124.90% increase from the previous period), producing a significantly higher ROAS of 2.16 and a decreased CPA of £21.11 (compared to a CPA of £38.06 2 months prior to working with us). This was the result of 442 generated purchases, with a purchase conversion value of £20,193.85 (+150.81% from period 2 months prior to working with TGM). Their link click-through rate also sat at 1.04%, with a reduced cost per link click of £0.53.

These successes were a direct result of the creation and ongoing optimisation of the following campaigns:

  • Climate Change.
  • Eco Friendly.
  • Content View LLA.
  • Retargeting Website and social engagers.
  • Retargeting content views.
  • Retargeting Add To Cart.


After only 6 weeks working with The Good Marketer, Canopy Plants’ Google account spent £5,975.22 (+20% increase from the pre-TGM period), producing a significantly decreased CPA of £31.33 (-49% decrease). This resulted 190.73 generated purchases (136% increase). Their click-through rate also sat at 0.90% (65% increase), with a cost per click of £0.40 (59% increase).

These successes were a direct result of our creation and optimisation of the following ad groups:

  • Subscriptions.
  • Plants Online.
  • Office Plants.
  • Plant specific (best sellers).

As an additional part of the strategy used for Canopy Plants, we introduced the following offers:

  • General – 15% off when you sign-up to the mailing list.
  • General – 20% off your first subscription box.
  • New Year Sale – 22% off your first order.

The Results

After two months of working with Canopy Plants we have: