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Increase in overall CTR to an average of 5.49% across our PPC campaigns.

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Aggregated Cost Per Conversion across PPC campaigns.


Direct Conversions, a 4% rise compared to the previous period.

The Challenge

Brunel Air Cargo is a long-standing transport provider, established to offer customer-centric freight forwarding solutions by air, road or sea. With 30 years experience in the cargo and freight transportation industry, Brunel Air Cargo offers expert, reliable services across a global network of logistics with award-winning customer service.

Brunel Air Cargo started working with us as a digital marketing agency because they felt their previous agency was not proactive enough, and did not dedicate enough time or attention to their account and so was not producing positive results. Their costs had also increased, with no increase in the number of enquiries they were receiving.

During our initial assessment we identified several key challenges:


Over the 18 months that we’ve been working closely with Brunel Air Cargo, we have expanded their portfolio of advertised services from Air Freight, Air Charter and Dangerous Goods to include International services and the PPE, Temperature Controlled, White Glove, E-commerce and Custom Clearance industries.

Our initial success was generated through segmenting the campaign structure to target these relevant industries and audiences, which we continued as our Paid Search campaigns increased with the demands of the company. This way, we’ve been able to maximise opportunities that arose with the changing landscape – such as implementing our PPE, Ecommerce and Customs Clearance campaigns to account for newer and more profitable demands within Brunel itself.

In 6 months we have achieved:

  • An average CTR of 5.49%.
  • 4% rise in the number of Direct Conversions.
  • An average Conversion Rate of 18%.
  • An aggregated Cost Per Conversion of less than £9.

We have seen significant improvement not only to the conversion numbers achieved across the campaigns, but their efficiency as well. We have seen over 1,500 Direct Conversions in total across this timeframe, which is 4.02% more than the previous period.

That our campaigns generated an increased number of conversions during one of the most turbulent periods for commercial services, suggests our data-driven approach ensured we were able to consistently drive revenue and new enquiries. We also achieved a 57% rise in average Click Through Rate across the campaigns compared to the previous period, increasing to 5.49%.

We achieved these results by consistently refining our targeted keywords within our new and existing industry-specific campaigns. Updating our bidding strategies where necessary to Target CPA for campaigns driving a higher than desired Cost Per Conversion, such as the Ecommerce and Dangerous Goods campaigns, also allowed us to maintain a positive trajectory in Direct Conversions while maintaining a low aggregated Cost Per Conversion.

Our main KPI was keeping this Cost per Conversion stable, having achieved a 53% reduction in overall CPA since working with Brunel, which we have maintained, while having expanded the industries targeted. We achieved this result by adjusting our ad schedules, demographics, audiences and max. CPCs where appropriate to ensure that our campaigns are optimised towards the lowest-costing but highest performing time of day, users, demographics and keywords. This way, we have achieved a CPA of less than £9 in the last 6 months, which is largely similar to the cost we achieved when we were running fewer niche campaigns, thanks to these granular, regular optimisations.

Alongside this, in comparison to the average Cost per Conversion seen in related industries, the CPA that we have achieved is dramatically lower – with the average Cost per Conversion within the B2B industry is £83, while Consumer Goods is £65 and Industrial Services at £57.

Continuing to finetune the campaigns, and regularly re-analysing traffic, behavioural paths and user interactions has propelled results, built a recognisable brand and ultimately achieved even more direct searches and conversions.

The Results

We have achieved significant successes working with Brunel Air Cargo:

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