1 %

Increase in Google Ads clicks.

1 %

Drop in the Cost Per Conversion.

1 %

Increase in Direct Conversions.

The Challenge

Brunel Air Cargo is a long-standing transport provider, established to offer customer-centric freight forwarding solutions by air, road or sea. With 30 years experience in the cargo and freight transportation industry, Brunel Air Cargo offers expert, reliable services across a global network of logistics with award-winning customer service. 

Brunel Air Cargo reached out to The Good Marketer because they felt their previous agency was not proactive enough, and did not dedicate enough time or attention to their account and so was not producing positive results. Their costs had also increased, with no increase in the number of enquiries they were receiving.

During our initial assessment we identified several key challenges;


Brunel Air Cargo are experts in their field and are dedicated to their clients and services, so it was important that The Good Marketer not only improved on the results delivered by their previous agency, but also conveyed their key values.

To address the key challenges identified, we conducted a full audit of their Google Ads account, which identified any low-performing campaigns and areas of opportunity. 

In the initial stages of our partnership, we separated the structure of their account into individual Search campaigns, organised by services. For example, we identified a considerable wealth of users searching for ‘Dangerous Goods’ transport services so this was setup as a separate campaign, whilst more general keywords such as “Air Cargo” and “Air Freight” were separated by ad groups. 

Organising the account in this way allowed us to more accurately target potential customers by providing refined messaging and keyword targeting. Furthermore, this then allowed us to identify further opportunities, for example, our Dangerous Goods campaign highlighted a high search volume for Hazardous Goods so we introduced this as a separate ad group. 

Another one of the key challenges we identified during our initial analysis was a lack of landing pages. As part of our work, we introduced keyword optimised landing pages which not only continued the look and feel of Brunel Air Cargo’s existing website, but improved our Google quality score. 

As a result of this, we were then able to implement regular landing page A/B tests, which identified key improvements, for example; we tested the position of the form and found that by positioning the contact form above the fold, we improved the conversion rate. This small but effective change was then rolled out across the account. 

We have since expanded our active campaigns to include International services and the PPE, Temperature Controlled, White Glove and E-commerce industries. These new campaigns were suggested by either Brunel Air Cargo’s team based on wider market opportunities or were identified as beneficial industries to target through our own competitor and market research.


These new campaigns have achieved a similar level of success as our initial campaigns, driving 2,727 additional conversions, and achieving:

  • An average CTR of 3.94%
  • An average Conversion Rate of 15%
  • An aggregated Cost Per Conversion of just £9.67

Refining audience profiles and mapping them onto transactional keywords is crucial to the success of this strategy. Continuing to finetune the campaigns, publish useful, on-topic content and regularly re-analysing traffic, behavioural paths and user interactions will propel results, build a recognisable brand and ultimately achieve more loyal customers and even more direct searches and conversions.

When comparing overall results from before January 2020 when we overtook Brunel Air Cargo’s marketing campaigns, our key results indicate a significant improvement to conversion numbers and the efficiency of the campaigns.

We have seen a 106% increase in the number of Clicks as a direct result of our Google Ad campaigns, whilst simultaneously maintaining an average Cost Per Click of £1.35, only 10% more than the previous period. The Conversion Rate also increased by 163% to an average of 16.24% which is above the average for related industries.

Our advertising campaigns have generated a 907% increase in the number of Direct Conversions but achieving a 63% drop in the average Cost Per Conversion, driving qualified leads at less than £10. This was one of the key challenges that Brunel Air Cargo self-identified at the beginning of our partnership and has dramatically reduced during the time that we have been managing the campaigns.

Alongside this, in comparison to the average Cost per Conversion seen in related industries, the CPA that we have achieved is dramatically lower. For example, the average Cost per Conversion within the B2B industry is £83, while Consumer Goods is £65 and Industrial Services at £57.

As an agency, we provide transparent services that go above and beyond what our clients approach us for in the onboarding process. We deliver the very best results for our clients because our values of transparency, flexibility and affordability allow us to create authentic relationships with our clients and really understand their goals.

The Results

Since working with Brunel Air Cargo we have:

Dedicated To Small Businesses

Top Marketing Agency in London