The Challenge

This business is a boutique law firm based in Mayfair, London, who deliver a partner-led service covering different aspects of both commercial and personal law. Every client is known by their name and not just a number and the law firm offers a full service from commercial property to immigration, corporate law, wills and probate, as well as family law. 

When the business reached out to us, their website was outdated and was not able to compete against others in the market. The brand was looking to showcase the premium quality and boutique appeal of their business with their website upgrade, whilst also looking to improve user experience and lead generation as they were about to embark on an ambitious marketing campaign.

During our initial conversations with the client, we identified the following: 

  • An outdated website that needed to be modernised 
  • The need to create a professional site with a personal approach for clients accessing their personal law services, but also the need to portray themselves as a trusted firm to appeal to their commercial and international clients. 
  • Changes to improve user experience across the entire website and make it more accessible to increase the conversion rate.
  • An extremely tight timeframe to develop the website in order to launch the business’s marketing campaigns on time.

The Solution

We began the website redesign by liaising with the client to get an understanding of the type of style and theme they were looking for. This also included getting a strong understanding of their USPs and how they wish to be perceived. From here, we were able to establish a font, colour scheme, and layout that worked well for user experience, but that also ticked all the boxes for the client. 

Whilst the homepage was being built and created, the copy across the site was all refreshed and optimised to adhere to SEO best practices. As the copy was very technical, it was a priority to ensure that the keywords were naturally integrated and did not interfere with how the copy would be read. This was all still balanced with SEO best practice and we ensured that the keyword density was optimised throughout.

To improve CTR we added a unique meta description to every page and ensured that every page had an optimised and relevant page title. For those pages that aren’t keyword optimised, such as the About Us and the FAQ page, we used them for internal linking purposes to help drive traffic to other pages on the site and to ensure link equity flows throughout the site. 

Layout is crucial for perception and usability. Previously, Our Approach, About Us, and Our Heritage were all on one page, however, we split these up and had a different format for each page. 

For Our Approach, we incorporated a timeline, which ends with the contact form to help to engage leads. This feature has created another interaction point for the user, rather than just having blocks of content that can be quite overwhelming.


We used drop-down menus in the navigation bar and changed the background for the text on the Homepage and About Us page to make the content more accessible for users visiting the website. Previously, the old website had content on a white background, but with the different colours, we were able to add texture and make the content more engaging, thus hopefully keeping the bounce rate low and improving the conversion rate.

In addition, another improvement we made compared to the old website was the service areas. Previously the content was just across the page and the relevant team member to contact was at the bottom. However, now every service page includes lead-qualifying information, key contacts, and their details, related services, an online contact form, and testimonials. 

The testimonials have been included on the homepage, service pages, and across the website to show that the brand is authoritative and trustworthy and is a law firm with specialist experts in their fields. 

We also determined that introducing a Calendly form could work to achieve the client’s goal of driving more leads by giving users another route to contact. Before the website went live, we ran extensive checks to ensure everything was flawless.


The boutique law firm now has a website representative of their position in the market as a modern, premium law firm. 

We liaised with the client regularly to ensure every change and detail was implemented quickly and met the deadline. We have developed a faultlessly functional website and established a very strong foundation from which to build visibility and drive results on Google Ads .