1 %

Improvement in bookings for In-Person Flamenco classes.


ROAS for PPC Advertising on Google.

1 %

Increase in sign ups for Online and In-Person Spanish classes.

The Challenge

Battersea Spanish is a Spanish cultural centre based in Battersea, South West London. They offer a wide range of courses to varying skill demographics, ranging from Flamenco and Latin Dance classes to Spanish courses for beginners to advanced speakers. Their method and service have led them to win the LUKAS award for Best Language School in the UK.

The problems that presented themselves during the initial analysis were:


Battersea Spanish wanted to engage a transparent and efficient agency who not only delivered on the results needed but who also adopted an authentic interest in their success and ethos. The Good Marketer implemented a strategy that reaped consistent improvements on the areas of concern but also one that established a personal connection and allowed for regular collaboration with their internal team to discuss new ideas.


As part of our Facebook Management we introduced fresh and dynamic ad copy which appealed to potential customers and focused on the brand’s USPs. This was combined with a sophisticated targeting strategy that involved the creation and management of Custom, Lookalike and Retargeting audiences to broaden the audience pool we were targeting and encourage more first-time users into the top of the funnel.

By segmenting our Facebook campaigns into clearly defined Beginner and Higher Level campaigns for the Spanish and Flamenco courses offered, we could implement a refined targeting strategy. This targeted Lookalike audiences more successfully, pushing specialised copy to drive conversions. This included retargeting Past Customers with a returning offer, Active Customers with a refer a friend scheme, and Abandoned Baskets within a 12 month and 30-day period. 

This resulted in 224 conversions across a six month period.

Some campaigns drove an increase in the number of website purchases by as much as 2,150% – such as our newly implemented Spanish Beginner campaign. This utilised an ‘Evergreen’ messaging which ran between the down-periods as courses transitioned between terms.

During this time, there were the iOS14 developments, which required intuitive marketing and management to ensure that performance was not compromised by the structural changes in the campaigns regarding the attribution model and the changes to consumer data recorded by cookies. 

In line with the targets that were clear and our goal for improving during this period – and throughout 2020 – our top of the funnel courses saw marked improvement. 

Our Spanish Beginners campaigns targeting In-Person classes drove 2,150% more purchases during a 6 month period than the same previous period, with Online Spanish Beginner campaigns driving 266% more conversions. 

In addition, our campaigns targeting the newly implemented Online Dance classes drove 1,225% more conversions than this same period. While our Flamenco Beginner campaigns drove 240% and 250% more conversions for Online and In Person classes, respectively. 

One of the most notable challenges for Battersea Spanish during this time was the national lockdown due to COVID-19. This demanded a flexible business model from Battersea Spanish and resulted in many of their classroom-based lessons taking place online.

We implemented new creative which played on the need for dynamic images and videos to stand out from the competition and generate user interest. Broader targeting was also explored as we expanded our Interest, Custom and Lookalike audiences.


We developed our Google strategy from our regular keyword and bid management alongside optimising the landing page copy and restructured our campaigns in the light of the COVID-19 lockdown to target online audiences due to the closure of all non-essential facilities. 

Over a six month period, we saw an average CTR of 6.54% for our Paid Search campaigns, which is an increase of 23% compared to the previous period. We drove a steady Cost per Click which only increased 14%, and maintained a high ROAS for the account as a whole at 6.30. 

This was achieved by segmenting our campaigns into SKAGs, and refined ad groups which allowed for a higher Quality Score due to increased relevance between our targeted keywords and ad copy. By switching up our Google strategy to capitalise on what was a radically altering consumer landscape, we managed to drive new sign ups to the newly implemented Spanish and Flamenco courses that were now online, protecting our ROAS and ensuring brand visibility.

We were also able to adjust our PPC campaigns accordingly as lockdown began to ease, slowly, throughout the year, ensuring that we maintained visibility with competitors and amongst a newly competitive market now that advertising is resuming for many non-essential services.

To compliment our Paid Advertising Strategy, we also allocated a proposition of our time towards SEO. Regular blog content and link-building led to an increase in organic traffic along with an increase in rankings in critical keywords and phrases such as ‘Spanish School’, ‘Spanish for Beginners’, ‘Spanish Classes in London’, ‘Online Spanish Classes’ and ‘Spanish Courses’.

The Results

Over a 6 month period working with Battersea Spanish we have seen the following key results, during a competitive and somewhat unprecedented time of COVID-19:


“The guys at The Good Marketer have been a great help. They managed to pull together a lot of activities that I had been passing to multiple freelancers, improve our page rank, improve our ROI on advertising across Google and FB, and make a number of great recommendations to improve the site for Battersea Spanish. Thanks!

Ben Hope, Battersea Spanish