Facebook Return On Ad Spend.

1 %

Increase in revenue from Paid Advertising.

1 %

Increase in Google/Facebook Purchases.

The Challenge

Battersea Spanish is a Spanish cultural centre based in Battersea, South West London. They offer a wide range of courses to varying skill demographics, ranging from Flamenco and Latin Dance classes to Spanish courses for beginners to advanced speakers. Their method and service have led them to win the LUKAS award for Best Language School in the UK.

The problems that presented themselves during the initial analysis were:


Battersea Spanish wanted to engage a transparent and efficient agency who not only delivered on the results needed but who also adopted an authentic interest in their success and ethos. The Good Marketer implemented a strategy that reaped consistent improvements on the areas of concern but also one that established a personal connection and allowed for regular collaboration with their internal team to discuss new ideas.

Our first point of call was to implement eCommerce tracking via Google Analytics to ensure that we could track all parts of the forthgoing strategy. 

Once completed, we focused our attention towards Paid Advertising including Google and Facebook. As part of our Facebook Management we introduced fresh and dynamic ad copy which appealed to potential customers and focused on the brand’s USPs. 

Combining this with a sophisticated targeting strategy which involved the creation and management of Custom and Lookalike audiences, allowed us to deliver a significant increase in ROAS and upsell higher-level courses. This has resulted in a 28.36% increase in Facebook ROAS since July 2019.

In addition, we have driven a 101.75% increase in Revenue from Facebook Ads, and there has been a 100% increase in the number of purchases from Facebook Ads during the same time period.

As part of our Google Ads strategy, we combined regular keyword and bid management alongside optimising the landing page copy. As a result, we saw significant increases in the number of purchases and the website conversion rate but most importantly, we delivered an 89.2% drop in the Cost Per Conversion.

Regular Search Term Analysis has ensured our campaigns are consistently relevant to the audiences we want to target, and has improved the performance of these campaigns as a result. 

To compliment our Paid Advertising Strategy, we also wanted to allocate a proposition of our time towards SEO. Regular blog content and link-building led to an increase in organic traffic along with an increase in rankings. 

Regularly tracking our SEO rankings ensures that not only is our onsite content accurate with regards to what users are searching for, but helps us to maintain organic rankings for high-performing keywords that drive a high volume of traffic.

Finally, it was important to us that we also took advantage of some of the “quick wins” available. This included implementing an Email Marketing calendar which when combined with our automated emails such as an Abandoned Basket Email, we were able to recapture customers who would have likely not purchased which in turn, delivered a significant increase in E-commerce conversion rate.

The Results

Since working with Battersea Spanish we have seen the following key results as a result of our strategy:


“The guys at The Good Marketer have been a great help. They managed to pull together a lot of activities that I had been passing to multiple freelancers, improve our page rank, improve our ROI on advertising across Google and FB, and make a number of great recommendations to improve the site for Battersea Spanish. Thanks!

Ben Hope, Battersea Spanish