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Increase Website Purchases by 241.27%.

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Increase ROAS by 68.15% to 4.24 for Facebook Advertising.​

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Achieve a 136% increase in the number of store sessions.

The Challenge

BAF Motorsports is a leading provider and innovator of vehicle bracing systems, in particular their bestselling K brace. They consistently provide a high-quality service in fabricating components that enhance the stability and rigidity of vehicles. When BAF Motorsports came to us, they had been growing their online presence organically, but were struggling to see real results without the time and expertise that we have to offer. The business also wanted to introduce paid social campaigns to reach broader audiences and better represent what they have to offer to their customers.

During our initial in-depth analysis, we identified three key targets:

  • Grow revenue stream through Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • Remaining relevant throughout the lockdown.
  • Navigating the new IOS14 software update to limit the impact on performance.


BAF Motorsports wanted to create dynamic, engaging Facebook/Instagram campaigns that increased leads to their website and sales of their products. In order to achieve this, we needed to implement a detailed targeting strategy and create effective content for these audiences.

To define BAF’s potential audience on Facebook, we adopted the funnel approach and established interest based targeting on the demographic of men aged 18-35 who are interested in car magazines, relevant sports such as sports car racing, custom cars and car tuning. By expanding the targeting of cold audiences, we were able to drive a reach of 482,215, over the past 6 months (an increase of 61.09% from the previous period).

The ads focused on the unique selling points of the K-brace that distinguished the product from those sold by competitors. To further reach new customers, The Good Marketer scaled the account with Lookalike audiences that closely resembled the interest profiles of existing customers. These Lookalike audiences allowed us to both increase our reach and target ads at people who are most likely to engage, resulting in an increase of impressions by 160.73% to 7,156,063.

We then used promotional advertising such as free shipping and a 25% discount to entice customers to the site. This was combined with a sophisticated retargeting strategy that involved the creation and management of retargeting audiences to refine the audience pool we were targeting. By enticing audiences with new ads promoting offers, we drove conversions and saw an increased ROAS of 4.24. Retargeting ads included unique copy that targeted the customer’s interest in the product and highlighted new products on the site.

By closely monitoring conversions on existing campaigns, we were able to gain insight into the most effective time to promote the ads. We learned that our customers convert higher during the weekend (70% of purchases were generated between Friday – Sunday), so we created a new campaign and advertised to people when they are most engaged.

Overcoming Challenges

In the early stages of the campaigns (January – April), ad fatigue was a challenge, along with a lack of video content. To address this, our creative team designed new ads, heavily focused on our 25% off promotion to engage potential customers. This helped overcome the ad fatigue challenge and contributed to an overall increase in ROAS by 68.15% over the last 6 months.

During this time, there were the iOS14 developments, which required intuitive marketing and management to ensure that performance was not compromised by the structural changes in the campaigns regarding the attribution model and the changes to consumer data recorded by cookies. iOS14 inevitably impacted performance, so we continued to design/test new ads to adapt to these changes.

To continue to improve ad performance, we guided the client on the video content required to generate a healthy ROAS. This new creative played on the need for dynamic videos to stand out from the competition and generate user interest. For example, a new video launched to our cold audiences in April generated a ROAS of over 4.

The Results

Since working with Propsect Research London, we have: