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Increase in total number of website visitors.

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Increase in organic users compared to previous performance.

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Decrease in the average cost per click on Google Ads.

The Challenge

Asbestos Gone specialise in asbestos surveys and removals in London, Essex and Kent, with over ten years of experience and a team of dedicated experts. Their team of licensed professionals also provide support with management, testing and abatement for residential and commercial buildings.

They initially approached The Good Marketer as they wanted to find a proactive digital marketing agency that would also help scale their business through PPC and SEO efforts. Asbestos Gone was looking specifically for sustainable growth in the number of leads for their asbestos removal and asbestos survey services, ideally at a lower cost per lead than they had previously seen. This client had a negative experience with a prior agency, who fell short of expectations with regards to communication and proactive management, which led to dramatic overspending for Asbestos Gone during the peak Christmas period and resulting CPLs at £300.

During our analysis we identified several main challenges:

  • Inconsistent results on their PPC advertising campaigns, prone to peaks and troughs without any reliable performance.
  • A highly competitive industry which meant that low-cost but high-quality keywords required expert management.
  • A new website that was not structurally designed with SEO in mind, meaning multiple pages were cannibalising keywords resulting in low SERP rankings – this also meant that Domain Authority was low, resulting in low visibility.
  • The client wanted to increase the number of asbestos survey leads and increase budget on their PPC campaigns without CPL rising too significantly.


PPC Advertising
Prior to winning the contract with Asbestos Gone, we had audited their PPC account, and provided extensive feedback on how The Good Marketer would manage this to produce profitable results. When we followed up with them in January 2022, we saw that many of these issues were still present in their account and hadn’t been resolved, which led us to proactively suggest necessary changes and reignited this partnership.

As we identified that sustainable growth was critical for this client, we set about our PPC strategy with cost-effectiveness and longevity in mind. There were existing geographically targeted campaigns in the account, which we ascertained would allow us to compete with these local markets and dedicate specific CPAs and budgets to ensure accurate micro-management – these just required more proactive management in order to control spending. That the campaigns were also already split into the two services meant keywords were separated, which meant that we could continue to control search terms and better qualify the leads before customers even reached the landing pages.

Initially, we performed a thorough audit of the previous three months’ performance before we took control of the Google account, systematically reviewing keywords, audience targeting and ad copy. We also cross-referenced PPC keywords against landing pages in order to create a holistic structure wherein our PPC campaigns were bolstered by high-quality, relevant content.

Doing so allowed us to see that core keywords with location targeting worked better than broader keywords and the location within the keyword itself. This directed our approach as we re-optimised the campaigns. We also identified price, safety, trust and turnaround time as critical decision-making factors for customers, and determined the success of the ad copy. Having these insights meant that we could identify a strategy plan to create and optimise separate specific PPC landing pages for each campaign, to ensure that user experience and content relevancy were as high as possible.

Following this we launched three Search campaigns for London, Essex and Kent for asbestos surveys and removals, all optimised for lead generation. These campaigns directed users to dedicated landing pages, presenting users with a simple embedded form which asked for minimal information to make the lead process as simple as possible.

Once the campaigns were live, we optimised the budgets to take advantage of the most profitable services – which ended up being asbestos surveys. We focused on conducting A/B tests of different landing page forms to continually improve conversion rates – focusing on the quality of each lead as the main determining factor for what was working. The resulting analysis was that less information generated improved the conversion rates, but the leads themselves were less qualified, and therefore, lower quality. So we changed the form to qualify leads more before these were submitted.

We also added additional keywords associated with testing, management and abatement, which opened up the campaigns to more industry-specific traffic which we could funnel through to these dedicated, conversion rate optimised landing pages.

By controlling the cost per lead at bid strategy level, as well as proactive micro-adjustments such as reducing the budget on weekends, and using Target CPA we were able to significantly reduce CPL by 44% without reducing the number of leads.

Our strategy also allowed us to mitigate against the previous peaks and troughs of performance that Asbestos Gone were seeing, allowing them to scale their services as a result of this more regulated performance.

Search Engine Optimisation
In order to better generate conversions, we decided that restructuring the layout of the website would improve customer conversion journeys, offer more chances to increase the keyword optimisation to boost visibility on SERPs and build on overall user experiences.

Our expert teams redesigned the site navigation to be more user-friendly, focusing on improving the overall user experience. We also decided to re-optimise key landing pages such as the homepage and the key services that we were pushing through PPC, in order to create a cohesive strategy.

This involved in-depth keyword research as well as competitor research, to identify any missed opportunities that would allow us to boost visibility without solely focusing on the high search volume, but highly competitive core industry keywords.

Once the website had a more user-focused structure, ensuring a smoother overall conversion journey and easier navigation of the site towards key service pages, we established that building domain authority was also of critical importance in order to establish Asbestos Gone within the competitive industry.

We set out an off-page SEO strategy which secured two high quality backlinks every month on highly authoritative websites, publications and journals to build this DA. Organic content was also needed to boost overall customer trust and brand identity, so we established that a monthly blog piece would not only refresh the website and positive influence SERP rankings for relevant keywords included in this content, but also ensure that we build an authoritative brand that resulted in increased visibility.

In the time we have worked together so far, we have been able to improve the Domain Authority from non-existent to 8, with intentions to scale our SEO strategy far beyond this and produce consistent results.

The Results

During the three month period between January and March 2022 we have been able to: