The Challenge

AGS Global Forwarding is a leading freight company that handles end-to-end shipping of commercial goods across a global network of logistics providers via Air, Sea, Road and Rail. With dedicated teams of professionals, years of experience in the freight industry, and customer-focused solutions, AGS Global Forwarding is an industry-leading brand.

The Good Marketer had worked with the founder of AGS while at a previous freight company for over 2 years, and was the first choice for our client’s new business venture with the launch of AGS Global Forwarding. Since we had seen exponential growth for this client with our PPC advertising for over 2 years, we were keen to continue this success with AGS. 

We were eager to undertake the challenge to create a conversion rate optimised website that would drive qualified leads from PPC advertising, with an integrated SEO strategy to ensure organic visibility. The following case study showcases how we were able to do this.

The Solution

Conversion-Rate Optimised Design

Having identified the USPs of transparency and approachability as that which would define the brand, we established that the design needed to be functional but informative, taking inspiration from established freight providers at the top of their game and our understanding of best CRO practices.

Our design team worked collaboratively with AGS throughout to create a full brand manual mindful of colour theories and marketing psychology, that would drive positive engagement from target audiences and showed off the ethos of AGS as a brand. We decided on blue as this was used throughout the industry, and is widely indicative of trust and credibility; but to stand out we integrated green, to reflect the worldwide aspect of the brand.

The development of AGS’s new site pivoted on easy communication between potential clients and AGS, and the removal of as many barriers to conversions as possible – without compromising the critical need for specific service information required of an industry as complex as commercial shipping. This ultimately impacted how we structured the site, as it was essential that navigation be simple and effective, but that customers had multiple touch points for qualifying information. 

We designed a website that focused the user’s attention on highly-relevant information, clear CTAs, and condensed service-specific USPs in order to effectively move customers through the conversion journey. A main factor was the inclusion, where possible, of contact forms above the fold to remove barriers to conversion and streamline the lead process.

Custom Development

In order to cater to the client’s key preferences, the functional demands we required of the site and to give a unique, streamlined feel to the site, we opted to create a custom design from detailed wireframes and mockups, but that which used WordPress Development as a base, for seamless integration of the functional aspects we wanted, and the easy collation of leads on the client’s side.

We designed the top navigation menu to offer direct links to key service and EAT pages as dropdowns, so as not to clutter the format whilst still allowing opportunities to qualify customers with quick access to industry-specific information. We also added key navigation links to the homepage heading section. This was done after extensive additional competitor research, to ensure AGS was offering the same functional scope as direct, high-performing competitor sites. 

We also added quick booking links for easy communication between prospective clients and AGS, as well as an option to track existing orders to improve customer experience while on site. 

In order to increase the site’s visibility and boost enquiries even further, we implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy focusing on high-performing and converting keywords that we had used to drive success in previous industry-focused PPC campaigns. We also utilised long-tail phrases based on niche service offerings that would attract relevant, ready-to-convert customers. From there, we created optimised content that offered valuable information for customers, without compromising the CRO conscious design.


AGS Global Forwarding now have a CRO focused site to drive qualified leads in the Freight industry.

The focus of this build was to ensure that we created a website that provided customers with more opportunities to explore AGS’s services, qualify them quicker, and ensure a streamlined conversion journey. The result is a smooth, conversion rate optimised site that uses quality, keyword optimised content and UX-focused navigation and functionality to drive qualified leads.

By focusing on competitive but highly specific keywords in our optimised content, we have driven a high volume of traffic and enabled AGS Global Forwarding to disrupt this competitive industry despite being a new brand on the SERPs.