Noah Crudgington

Noah Crudgington

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Work Experience in London

We recently had the pleasure of hosting Noah on his work experience placement during his first year of A-Levels.

Upon receiving his application, we set him the challenge of creating a TikTok to explain why he wanted to work for us. He impressed us with his video editing skills, so we invited him to join us for three days in April.

Here’s what he had to say about the experience.

Noahs Work Experience Blog

Hey! I’m Noah Crudgington, I’m 16 years old, and I have had the amazing opportunity of doing work experience for The Good Marketer. 

At the moment I am in sixth form (year 12) and I’m studying psychology, media and history. My favourite subject at the moment is media 🙂 This is mainly because I am an influencer on TikTok, and I have amassed over 3.8M followers for posting emotive videos as well as short stories. Not only that, but media is my passion and is the job path that I wish to pursue, which is why I put myself forward for work experience.

Why do work experience at TGM?

As I said previously, Media is my biggest passion in life. I love the aspects of being creative as well as being able to predict how people will feel/react to ads or even videos. I took media at GCSE and got a 7 (equivalent to an A), so I decided to do media at A-Level.

I felt that immersing myself in a space that has many media specialists would help expand my knowledge and give me an insight into what my future might look like in the space of media. The Good Marketer also has flexible hours as well as dogs allowed, so I got to make some new furry friends!

What were your expectations for work experience at TGM?

It is surely safe to say that TGM surpassed my expectations of what a day here would look like.

I didn’t think that TGM would be as fun as it was, I expected to receive work and be left to get on with it, but I was fully supported and received feedback that helped me learn how to complete new tasks and get out of my comfort zone. I also expected to be sitting in an office for 7 hours straight. However, TGM has flexible working hours, meaning I got to take trips out of the office to do things like shoot content.

What was the reality of work experience?

I was given several tasks to complete at TGM, including making TikTok videos! I shot content for a marshmallow brand, which included using new equipment such as a lightbox that helped me record a stop motion video and a video that mentioned horoscopes. 

On the second day, I travelled around London to find a Co-Op, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Boots and take photos of other shops and bars in the area. After this, I wrote a blog post and took part in an Instagram story takeover in which I had control of TGM’s Instagram stories and was able to interact with the community.

What were the best bits of work experience?

The best part of working at TGM is getting to know the team. They have all been so lovely to me and treated me with respect. I have also enjoyed making the TikToks at TGM; we looked at the recent TikTok trends and filmed videos accordingly. 

I was also able to look after the dogs whilst there was a thunderstorm and had Benny on my lap! 

I’ve loved my time here, being able to contribute my ideas and getting involved in new creative ideas.

Summary of work experience at TGM…

Overall I have really enjoyed my time at TGM.

I had free reign to bring my ideas forward and make TikToks for one of the clients. I was able to go around London and be pushed out of my comfort zone. Everybody at TGM has been respectful, supportive and fun to chat to. I would love to do work experience here again.