Why Small Businesses & Startups Should Support a Charity
Tom Welbourne

Tom Welbourne

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Why Small Businesses & Startups Should Support A Charity

In our latest blog post, we consider why UK Small Businesses and Start-ups should consider supporting a charity. A recent survey carried out by Social Development Charity, the Greg Secker Foundation has revealed that “more than half of consumers believe businesses should be required by law to donate a proportion of their profits to good causes”.

Additionally, if consumers knew a UK business gave 5% of its annual profits to charity then;

  • 43% said this would give them a more positive opinion of the company;

  • 20% would use this company over competitors;

  • 17% would recommend the company to friends and family.

So, by looking at these survey results, it is clear many small businesses are missing a trick by not focusing more of their efforts on philanthropic activities. According to The Guardian, only around 2% of UK charities’ income is from businesses whilst individual contributed an estimated 43%.

Evidently, small businesses need to do more and with the potential to improve your brand’s image and increase your customer pool, supporting a charity can do a lot more for your business than you may think.

As a small business, If you’re interested in supporting a charity, then The Good Marketer can help you choose the right charity to support. It is important to choose a charity which aligns with your small business’s brand’s values and resonates with your customers. Call 0207 101 3624 to discuss how we can help your business today.

Source: www.marketingdonut.co.uk

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