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What Has Been Good For Marketing Throughout Lockdown 2.0

Lockdown 2.0 didn’t come as much of a surprise for many, with cases of coronavirus and the rate of infection rising rapidly across the country on a daily basis. With this being particularly uncertain times for many businesses, it’s been important to implement a strong digital marketing strategy to help gain visibility online and drive business forward. 

A head start against competitors who may have loosened the reins a little with their marketing campaigns is the perfect way for businesses to get into prime position to hit the ground running when restrictions are lifted. 

Your Customers Are Online 

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that more and more of us have been shopping online this year due to the global pandemic. The internet is used so regularly because of the convenience, so as small businesses you should be aware that you customers are going online now more than ever! But, are you ready for them? 

Building an online presence has been key throughout lockdown 2.0, if it wasn’t already achieved during the first lockdown. Being visible and well-known online is important for not only returning customers, but potential ones too. 

Establishing your online presence throughout lockdown 2.0 will have helped to increase the chances of your brand being found in SERPs. You may have grown a strong social media presence to allow customers to browse online and find out more about your business with ease or implemented an SEO strategy to enhance your visibility and drive traffic to your site. A website and social media platforms provide you with the opportunity to add a voice to your brand, as well as personality. This makes you more appealing to a user and it adds convenience if they can find what they want easily and make their purchases. 

Implementing a digital marketing strategy enables you to utilise these social channels and your website to enhance brand awareness and visibility online. 

An SEO Strategy 

Having a strong SEO strategy that has been maintained and regularly updated will have really benefited your business throughout the second national lockdown.  If you haven’t already begun your SEO strategy, then it’s best that you start it as soon as possible, as it will take a few months before you begin to see some real results. 

SEO optimisation is used to improve your site’s rankings, gain organic visibility and increase the traffic to your site. The aim is that the traffic to your site will convert, thus increasing your revenue. SEO is a long term investment and the strategy should be flexible to adapt to the different algorithms rolled out by Google over the course of the year. If you need any help regarding your current strategy or you want to create a successful SEO campaign, then an SEO agency will provide you with experienced SEO specialists, who will ensure that your site is fully optimised to get your brand ahead of your competitors and in front of thousands of potential, relevant customers. 

Social Media Advertising

By using social media advertising throughout lockdown 2.0, you will have found that you were able to reach a targeted audience who is already familiar with your brand. Instead of spending a lot of money hoping that your ideal customer will see your ad, advertising on social media is more specific to your finely tuned audience. 

From Facebook to Instagram, there are a number of different ways to reach your relevant audience and enhance the chances of your advertising efforts converting. This will also help you to build a strong presence online throughout the second lockdown, but it is important that you always maintain consistency across your social platforms. With most customers spending more time online and looking through their social media accounts, now is the time to engage them if you haven’t already started. 


If you want a fast track approach into digital then you should implement PPC ads into your digital marketing strategy. However, if  done incorrectly, this can be quite costly, so it’s recommended that you use an experienced PPC agency to run your Google Ad campaigns for your business. 

Throughout lockdown 2.0, businesses using Google Ads will have found their ads at the top of Google, enhancing their visibility for their customers. However, it’s important to note that it takes more than just setting up a campaign, which is why it’s essential that you can have an expert team to help and start in during lockdown 2.0 whilst everyone is searching Google. 

Essentially, having an effective digital marketing strategy is the blueprint for the success of your business. It will help you to maximise ROI, develop your brand and focus on targeting a relevant audience that are more likely to convert. If you haven’t already started any digital marketing campaigns, consider one that we’ve mentioned, which have proven to be beneficial for businesses throughout the second national lockdown, by enhancing their visibility, driving traffic to their website and growing an online presence.