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In A Facebook Creative Funk? Here's How To Get Out

When working in marketing, there can be overwhelming pressure to ensure that the work you produce is in perfect alignment with your clients brief and is an exciting, new take on their marketing campaign they would not have necessarily come up with. However, when you have to produce these new and exciting social media campaigns daily for a range of different products and services, it’s not uncommon to find yourself in a creative funk. 

In the below, we look at Facebook specifically and ways you can get to help get your creative juices flowing again. But feel free to try these for any type of creative funk you find yourself in. The below tips are fully transferable to any kind of mental block you’re having: blog posts ideas, SEO trouble, or other struggles with what to post on other social media platforms.

Switch Up the Content

Facebook has a wide range of creative ways to share your content. So mix up the format, don’t be scared to experiment with all Facebook offers to engage with your audience. Some of the ways you can do so are:

-Go Live- This is a great way to answer questions or host a live interview with a guest or the business owner. 

-Turn a blog post into a video- a video is seen as more digestible to your audience and preferable rather than a lengthy blog post.

-360 video and photo- Great for giving virtual tours of a workspace or the factory where your products are made.

-GIFS- Great for catching attention on a user’s feed as they have an automated play function.

Check Out The Competition

If you are struggling with your Facebook marketing campaign ideas, have a look to see what your competitors are doing or have done. Facebook ads library allows you to do this by looking through your competitors current and previous campaigns. When looking at these, ask yourself “what works well” and “what would you do differently” to best see what you can find inspiration from.

Walk Away…

What we mean by this is don’t simply give up and walk away; as much as you may have heard this before, and by now, it probably sounds like a cliché but taking a break really does help. Fresh air and exercise in nature can encourage a new perspective.

A Fresh Set Of Eyes

Reach out to others, co-workers or even friends. A fresh new take from someone that is not directly involved may spark inspiration. If you have an idea in mind, run this idea past them and ask for feedback, explain the message you are trying to convey and test if you are successfully doing so from their perspective.

Tune It Out

A good soundtrack can help spark some unexpected creativity. At The Good Marketer, we have a shared Spotify playlist that we regularly keep updated to share the songs that help keep us motivated and get our creative juices flowing.


Ensure that you subscribe to helpful blogs, news articles and watch videos related to your field you are writing about and creating content for. Ensuring that you are fully educated on the subject matter means you are confident and won’t second guess yourself on the work you produce. 

Whilst you may find yourself blocked creatively, just know that everyone goes through it. Our tips above are just a few ways you can help get your creative cogs turning again, but ultimately it’s about finding what’s best for you. So try out our tips and reach out to your colleagues on how they have overcome their previous creative funks.

If you ever find yourself really stuck, know you can always reach out to us at The Good Marketer. We have a team of creative individuals bursting with ideas on how to best market anything and everything, so don’t be afraid to contact us.