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Improve Your Linked In Marketing With These 4 Steps

LinkedIn has over 610 million users and the number is set to carry on growing.

It’s the social network for business professionals where you can connect and speak with some of the top CEO’s in the world. 

Instead of people sharing their personal triumphs and losses (even though some people have begun to) like other social platforms such as Facebook & Instagram, LinkedIn users are more focused on B2B.

With that in mind, the demographic and the people who use the platform are significantly different to those using Facebook for example.


Before we start with the other 4 steps, create your business page. 

If you don’t know how, use this tutorial on Youtube here.

Just like you would with your own personal Facebook or Instagram profile, fill out all the fields on LinkedIn for your business. 

Once you’ve done this, it’s now time to optimise your page. 


In the fields that LinkedIn provides, you want to focus on adding the relevant keywords that you think people will search for when they’re looking for a business like yours.


Another little trick is to claim your custom URL so that your business name is included.

If you don’t know how, use this useful blog post.


One of the most important aspects of your business page is the about us section because people will want to know who you are, what you do and if they can relate to you.

Humanise your about section and avoid business jargon as nobody reads it and it puts people off.


The content people will want on LinkedIn will pull towards more of the how-to’s or information that a business can use straight away.

Sure it’s great to let everyone know that it’s your 40-year anniversary as a business and you’re celebrating in the office with pizza, but does anyone actually care?

We would say no.

People are craving information that is going to directly benefit their bottomline.

Talking of the bottomline then, how can you provide information that is going to help this?

Let’s use a recruitment agency as an example:

People who follow you want to know about the best recruitment practices.

With this information in hand, you want to post content that covers topics such as:

  • Biggest Mistakes That Interviewers Make

  • How To Avoid Recruiting The Wrong Person  

  • Best Questions To Ask as an In-House Recruiter

You can create videos around these topics or post an insightful article that gives people tips like the one we’re writing here.

Bottomline (pardon the pun): put yourself in your followers shoes and think about what they want.


If you’ve seen the way Facebook has gone, you will notice the emphasis on businesses/individuals creating groups for their audience/customer.

That’s because the organic reach of Facebook is appalling now and is not even worth talking about.

Instead, people have moved towards groups so they can reach more people and boost their engagement.

LinkedIn isn’t quite the size of Facebook, but as the years’ go by and the number of people using the network increases, we will likely see the same thing happen.

Get ahead of the curve and create a group related to your business where you invite people of interest or customers to engage with your business.

The people in the group will be more engaged because they’ve actively chosen to be a part of the group.

Use your credibility as a business with the knowledge you have in mind to become an authority on the topic of conversation.

Be seen as the industry leader.

Follow the instructions on this YouTube video to learn how to create a LinkedIn group.


A strategy that has been around a while but was claimed by the marketing guru, Gary Vaynerchuk, calling it the “$1.80 strategy”.

We just like to call this strategy for what it is and that’s simply:

Adding value in the comments.

Whether it’s an insight, replying to someone who has a question on the post or just supporting the person who posted it in the first place, make sure you add some kind of value.

For example:

A person may ask what the best recruitment company is to use in London.

You have a contact who you’ve used in the past and you mention the owner of the recruitment agency in the comment section of the post.

Simple and it doesn’t cost $1.80.


An underused platform, LinkedIn is still in its early stages so get in there before it becomes too saturated.

Fill out your business profile and maximise the space you’ve been given and start adding value from all the industry knowledge you know and pass it on to those looking for it.

If you need help with your digital marketing then schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation with one of our digital marketing experts today by clicking HERE.

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