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How To Optimise Your Facebook Business Page

How To Optimise Your Facebook Business Page

Everyone should have a Facebook business page, even if you don’t post regularly on the page – at least you can include the Facebook social media icon on your content if you do have a business page!

With the population of Facebook users nearly exceeding the whole population of the world back in the 1920s, it is probably a good idea to have a look behind the curtain to see if your target audience is waiting for you to bring your product/service to the social media behemoth.

Below are a few ways in which you can optimise your Facebook business page in order to grow your small business…


Facebook is a very visual platform and photos are what some would call the ‘lick of paint’ for your business page that needs adding to transform your page.

The first two things your audience will see when they click on your business page is the cover photo and profile picture.

A good idea to make your profile and cover photo look great is to use the same colour scheme or have similarities between the two! Also, stick to image sizes that are 940 pixels by 788 pixels, that are centred.

Lastly, add your logo to the image so people know it’s your photo when they share with their friends on their social networks.


According to wordstream, one-third of online activity is spent watching video and it keeps growing every day.

Video is a highly engaging and informative way to reach + connect with your audience so you may want to start creating some content in video format…

To add to this, Facebook favours video content over images and text-based posts. This is probably down to video being more informative to the user.

If you have loads of videos on your Youtube account ready to be posted then that’s great, but before you just repost them via some third-party site such as Hootsuite, instead, post it natively to Facebook. Again, Facebook favours videos natively uploaded through their site as they tend to garner a wider reach.

About Page

Your about page needs to introduce your audience to your business (or you) and give them as much information as possible about your Small Business.

Try adding a bit of your personality into the about page to make your small business sound more human. The days where companies use corporate jargon in their about pages are slowly fading away and we are now seeing the rise of businesses using more open + friendly language to talk about their brand.

Customise Your URL

Facebook will give you an automatic URL for your business when you set up your business page. Don’t accept it.

You can customise the URL they give you instead by following these steps below:

  • Go to General Account Settings

  • Click the Edit link beside your current vanity URL or Username

  • Type in the new username you want to use

  • Check availability

  • Click the “Save Changes” button right below it when you’re done

If your Facebook vanity URL matches with the page’s title, you are going to strengthen your brand recognition. Also, your custom URL will greatly increase the chance of people finding your business on Facebook and search engines.

Add a Call-To-Action Button

Facebook now gives you the option to add a call-to-action button to encourage people to make an action whilst on your page.

You can change the above blue ‘Call Now’ button to other CTA’s such as:

  • Book Now

  • Contact Us

  • Learn More

  • Shop Now

  • Use App

Make use of it!

Ask Your Customers For Reviews

You may already have a group of people who have used your product/service and they absolutely love it!

If so, then ask them for a review on your Facebook page.


Because people love to see what other people have to say about a product/service before they go ahead themselves and purchase a product/service.

A few good reviews will add massive amounts of credibility to your small business and it is worth asking your customers/clients for a review.

Upload Your Products

You can now set up a shopping tab on your business page where you can include your products so people can buy them from your business page.

To do this, just follow these steps:

  • Click the add shop section link

  • Add business and payment details

  • Describe what you sell

  • Add products to your shop


We hope the tips above will benefit you and your small business, you can implement these changes immediately.

If you don’t have a Facebook Business Page up and running already, then quickly make one now so your audience can at least find you.

The platform may be a bit confusing when setting up and if you’re still unsure whether you have done it correctly or you just don’t have time then book a call with one of our Facebook experts here at The Good Marketer to help you out here.

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