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How To Market Your Small Business On Twitter

How To Market Your Small Business On Twitter

Did you know that Twitter has over 260 million users?

What if your customers were on there waiting for a brand like yours to come along and introduce them to a product/service they’ve always wanted…

Just some food for thought.

Food that you should definitely start eating and chewing on because despite Twitter getting a bad rap the past couple of years with the rise of Facebook and Instagram, it still has a huge amount of users who are on there every day engaging with brands just like yours!

In this article, we will discuss how you market your Small Business on Twitter.

Optimise Your Twitter Bio

Before you get started and start throwing hashtags about, get your bio in order.

Tell your audience who you are, what you do and how you can help THEM!

If you have a free brochure, plan or anything that you want to give away, then place a link in the bio too that leads them to your website or landing page to get them in the first stage of your sales funnel.

Make sure your bio is consistent with who you say you are on your website and your other social media profiles. People will get confused or hesitate if they see you portraying a different style of writing across platforms, inconsistency sparks doubt in potential customers.

Find + Interact With Notable People In Your Industry

If your industry has someone who is the go-to girl/guy, then you need to be following that person and interacting with them on their posts.


Because if they notice you (which is highly likely on a platform like Twitter), then you will IMMEDIATELY be given access to their audience who will eventually be your audience!

Make sure that when you are contributing to their posts that what you are commenting is relevant. Nobody wants someone commenting on their post who doesn’t have a clue what they’re talking about…

Word of warning, don’t stalk them either. Interact with them just how you would if you were to meet in person – make it natural and free-flowing.

Post Regularly, Get Yourself Heard

Following on from our previous point, it’s now your turn to make a name for yourself.

To do this, start voicing your own opinion and posting valuable content that is going to make your followers want to interact with you.

Get a topic of conversation going that leads to other people joining in by commenting on your post.

I bet you have an opinion on what you think is the best way to do business in your industry right? Then voice it!

Just like going to the gym and eating healthily is a sign of a healthy, active individual, tweeting regularly is a sign of a healthy, active profile. People will forget about you if you stop contributing.

Post Shareable Content

We’ve seen ordinary everyday people turn into social media sensations overnight with Twitter.

One post that gets a few laughs, or gets millions of people talking has got people millions of followers themselves and leads to massive amounts of opportunity…

Before posting on Twitter, try to think of ways that will lead people to retweet your post.

Imagine if your post got noticed by a media outlet that saw your post and posted it on their website. This might mean only a few extra followers or a slight increase in brand awareness but you never know, it could lead to massive amounts of revenue.

Discover The Best Hashtags For Your Small Business

Hashtags were invented on Twitter, some guy in Silicon Valley started a trend and now they’ve become a way of life for us on social media sites.

And luckily he did because we can discover other people who are talking about the topics we care about most and join in on the conversation.

Your industry will more than likely have hashtags that people use to get found on Twitter. If there isn’t, then lucky you because you will be the first and that means you’re more likely to become known as a leader in your industry!

*Insider Tip – You can search for popular hashtags on Instagram and then use them on Twitter 🙂


As you can see Twitter still has some huge benefits for you and your Small Business which is why we recommend it to most of our clients.

Twitter gives you a much higher chance of becoming a voice in your industry due to its conversational structure and if you’re putting out valuable content then it will be only a matter of time before you start seeing some real growth.


Schedule in a Free 30 Minute Consultation to discuss how we can help grow your business using the power of Twitter today with one of our Twitter specialists here at The Good Marketer.

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