How To Make Social Media Work For Your Business
Tom Welbourne

Tom Welbourne

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How To Make Your Social Media Work For Your Business

Today, social media is pretty much taking over the internet, with endless posts from Love Island contestants and to businesses promoting their Rose Gold Water Bottles. Social Media allows businesses to get in front of millions of people at virtually no cost. 

But in order to generate a healthy return on investment then it is important to have a clear strategy in place. Here at The Good Marketer, we take care of this for our clients, ensuring that social media is used to wisely to benefit their business but for those who wish to go it alone, here’s our top Do’s and Don’ts to help get you on your way; 


Top Social Media Do’s for Startups & Small Businesses

Make the right first impression

Many Startups and Small Businesses don’t spend time making the right first impression when it comes to Social Media. Imagine you were meeting someone new for the first time, likely chance is you’re going to profile them depending on how they look. They say not to judge a book by its cover but come on – we’re all guilty of it. Do you think that online dating sites would work with no pictures? No. 

Have a unified Marketing Message

Social media should work in line with your overall marketing strategy, and not be treated as something separate. Think of it as an extension of your website, and everything you post should be working towards the same central goal. Those who stand united are a much stronger force. 

Implement a strategy

 If you’re a startup or small business, don’t just post aimlessly in the hope of getting followers, it doesn’t work. Think to yourself, what am I trying to achieve? Who am I trying to reach? What is my message? What is the point behind this post? And if you know the answers then go ahead and post it, if you don’t then hold off and consult an expert. 

Engage your audience

Social Media is all about building up your brand reputation and educating clients and prospects. It’s important that you avoid using your social media profile as a platform to sell directly to consumers, instead, use it to reel potential clients in and showcase your brand’s personality. 

Top Social Media Don’ts for Startups & Small Businesses

Post blind

 If you haven’t taken the time to understand who your target audience is, what platforms they’re on, and how to reach them then social media isn’t going to work for you. Take the time to carry out this research, alternatively, speak to an expert who does this work for you. 

Start a profile and then leave it to slowly die

This is a big no-no! We understand that there are endless amounts of platforms to choose from, but as a startup or small business, it is important to do some research and pick the platforms your target audience is on. 

Share too often

You want to engage your followers, not spam them! Finding the right balance of when to and when not to post takes time so it’s best to start small and increase as you go along. You can also try testing different times of the day and different days of the week to see which one yields the best results.  

Have a personality that is similar to watching paint dry (please!)

Use your brand’s tone of voice. The key trick here is making sure your voice is consistent and resonates you’re your key target audience. As a Startup or Small Business, honesty is always the best policy to help build trust – if something goes wrong, own up to it, admit your mistake and provide a solution.   

We hope this useful guide has helped to give you some direction. As a Social Media Agency for Small Businesses and Startups, we understand social media can be daunting, which is why we offer this a range of social media packages to suit your needs. You can find out more here, or alternatively, fill out our contact form below and we’d be happy to give you a call to discuss your requirements. 

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