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Alice Marlow

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How To Get Out Of A Creative Funk

Creative is, arguably, the most fundamental aspect in the success of your Facebook advertising efforts. It’s the part of your ad that entices your audience to stop scrolling and pay attention to the product or service that you’re offering. 

Ultimately, no one goes onto social media to look at ads, so your content has to be highly engaging to encourage people to take notice. Not only is creating engaging content in your customer’s interest, but Facebook’s algorithm also treats visual content more favourably than written content.

So, no matter what type of ad you create, your content needs to be visually appealing. This is something that Facebook marketers know and put into practice every day. But what happens when your content isn’t performing anymore?

Even experts in Facebook advertising can find themselves in a challenging position where their ads face fatigue, and they run out of ideas to make their social creative stand out. 

Keeping your creative content new, refreshing and engaging is essential to differentiate yourself from competitors. So here are 3 are top tips to get out of your creative funk:

Design With Audience In Mind

The key to engaging with your audience on social media is understanding their wants and needs and using these to guide your content. This may mean providing entertaining or informative content rather than always going for the hard sell.

Top tip: Looking at competitor ads with a similar audience profile can inspire ideas for the kind of content this audience might like.

Use More Video

Video ads or any ads with motion have increasingly become the top-performing mode of social media marketing, and not without reason. Video ads drive higher engagement and make for a more memorable ad, therefore boosting brand awareness.

So, if you haven’t fully explored the potential of video ads, this could be the key to transforming the performance of your ads. Videos are more likely to capture your audience’s attention and often allow you to show more facets of your business than a single image.

If you’re using video ads, including subtitles is essential, as it ensures your ads are inclusive to all abilities. Many people also browse with their volume turned down or off completely. In addition, subtitles reinforce the video’s message, creating a more dynamic and engaging advert.

Make Offers Clear

Once you’ve captured your audience’s attention, you need to retain it with content that lets them know what you can offer them. This may be in the form of seasonal offers, free gifts with purchase, or free delivery.

These promotional offers can turn interested audiences into paying customers, so don’t underestimate the power of an offer!

Design For Mobile

According to Statistica, 81.8% of Facebook users use the app only on a mobile device. So, prioritising the mobile journey is essential to Facebook advertising. 

The highest performing mobile ads often have an element of surprise or include strong design elements. It can be beneficial to test different types of creative so you can learn and adapt based on what your audience responds to.

Taking time to understand your audience and researching the most engaging content types can revolutionise your social media advertising.

 As an experienced digital marketing agency, we can manage every step of your content process so that your ads never lack the creative genius they need. 

If you’d like to know more about our innovative Facebook advertising strategies and how we can use creative insights to boost your ad performance, why not get in touch with our team?