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How A Leading Agency Prepares For The Christmas Period

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well… for the most part – ask anyone who works in retail or the service industry as a whole and their answer might be different! 

Whilst it is a beautiful, magical, and joyful time. For us, as a London digital marketing agency, it is our busiest time of the year by far. And we love it! But it’s also a time of tight deadlines, increased activity to make sure our clients are ahead of the curve, and incredibly competitive advertising markets.

Now that we have had our minute to recharge our batteries from the manic and hype of Black Friday, we barely have time to lick our wounds and dust ourselves off, ready for the coming holiday season. 

Between strategy meetings, holiday creative calls, and audience trend research, it’s all systems go. So how can we as a leading agency prepare for the upcoming Christmas period? Here are some key tips in case you’re also wondering how we do it. 

Firstly, Do Your Research


Our tip is to look at your competitors and think primarily about your customer and their online shopping behaviour and habits and their needs and use of social media platforms. 

This will help you and your business thrive and prosper as we move into the present buying period. 

There should be an added focus on targeting your existing customer base. However, it is also important to ensure that you target and capture new potential audiences.

Get In The Festive Spirit


When it comes to creative, lean into the Christmas spirit, think about what you can do to make your brand’s creative “Christmassy.” Sometimes the most simple designs have the most significant impact. 

Incorporating a Christmas themed message or festive elements into your social creative and branding can also drive a higher level of engagement within your users, as these often are synonymous with Christmas deals and limited-time offers. It’s key that your creative stands out, and adding a festive flair in a way that remains true to your brand is essential.

Whatever you do, make sure you’re consistent across the board so your customers know it’s you. So look to incorporate not only your website but social media channels and your ads.

Share The Christmas Joy


Christmas is a time for giving, and whilst it is an opportunity to attract and gain new customers, it is more important to retain and engage with your existing customers.

So, show your appreciation to your clients and customers and send them a gift or exclusive discount or offer. Not only is it a nice thing to do, but you’ll also often find it is a free promotion opportunity by the old classic word of mouth!

There are Only 12 Days Of Christmas!


December for most can often be a blur, and it’ll be 2022 before you know it. So nothing creates urgency like reminding your customers of cut off dates. For example, we’re all familiar with “order before X date for guaranteed delivery before Christmas!”. A little FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is a good thing in this case.

Unlike Santa, Our Work isn’t Over On The 25th


Sadly we can’t switch off for a month or two, while the Christmas offers are over and all the gifts have been bought, but guess what? After the Christmas gifts come the Boxing Day & New Years Sales!

It is essential to plan for January in quarter four; otherwise, time will run away with you before you know it. If applicable to your business, plan for the January sales, and even if they’re not, make sure you can hit the ground running come the new year to give yourself a head start and save yourself from having to plan January 2022 in the last seven days of 2021! 

So whilst we digital marketers may be the second hardest workers in December (We’ve got to give it to Santa’s elves on this one), it is ultimately an inspiring time and great opportunity to put all of your marketing knowledge that you have gained throughout the years to the test and yield amazing results and profit. 

But if you need any help on your Christmas or New Year strategy, reach out to us at The Good Marketer! We are happy to help, and also want to wish you very happy holidays!