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Growing Brand Awareness On Facebook

It’s no secret that over the years Facebook has become the “it” place to market your business and reach new audiences. 

No matter what kind of business you are – from food and wine to gifting and hair accessories – Facebook makes it easier for you to succeed in your niche.

Growing brand awareness and advertising on Facebook is crucial to your business’s success. With over 2 billion active users a month, if you’re not on Facebook it’s really like you don’t exist. There is so much potential within Facebook’s advertising platform that is waiting to be used. Whether it is increasing your conversions, driving traffic to your website, or growing your reach, Facebook allows you to do it all.

Keep reading to understand why growing your brand awareness on Facebook is more important than ever and how these specific brands have managed to do it.


FitFlop launched in 2007, three years after the initial creation of Facebook itself. The shoe company set about changing the way society viewed shoes; that they could be both stylish and comfortable.

By designing shoes with biomechanics and style trends in mind, FitFlop was born.

The brand managed to increase its online sales by 73% after successfully launching video ad campaigns through Facebook.

By making use of Facebook’s intelligent advertising platform and algorithms, FitFlop could identify when it would be most effective to target its audience and potential customers. To do this, they used lookalike audiences and dynamic ads.

Apart from a 73% increase in online sales, the ads reached $100000 in incremental revenue by the end of the campaign.


PureGym is loved for its contract-free membership plans and 24-hour open access. Though, this has not stopped them from making use of Facebook’s advertising platform to continue growing their brand awareness.

To better understand how their conversions are impacted by their retargeting and prospecting campaigns, PureGym used the conversion lift feature on Facebook to study the incrementality of these campaigns.

This took place in July 2019 and helped them identify where best to allocate their budget. The results from the study also achieved £29000 in incremental sales, over 1000 incremental gym memberships for the month, and a 6.9% conversions increase.

They made heavy use of video ads for increased engagement, as well as custom and core audiences to target the perfect potential customers.

Happy Socks

The colourful sock brand, Happy Socks, has been around since 2008 and has revolutionised the world’s outlook on socks.

During December 2018 until the end of February 2019, Happy Socks ran campaigns to boost sales for two of the biggest holidays: Christmas and Valentines Day. They achieved this by making use of Facebook Messenger.

They cleverly implemented a very personalised experience for customers, where they could choose socks to gift to loved ones for Christmas or Valentines Day.

The personalised campaign was achieved through targeting a wide audience at first, to then move onto a more specific audience of people between the ages of 20 – 50. With the help of Facebook’s Messenger and the guided shopping experience it offers, customers quickly found what they wanted.

The verdict was that customers revealed a larger interest in the simple, yet fun, personalised shopping experience through Messenger. So much so that Happy Socks achieved a 2.39X ROAS during December and a 3X ROAS in February.


Clinique is one of the world’s most famous beauty brands. From November 2018 to June 2019, they ran a global campaign to launch its new moisturiser line.

The objective behind the campaign was to increase its purchase consideration, sales, and overall brand awareness, as well as to reach Gen-Z and the millennial audience.

Video ads were used to increase awareness by targeting the topics most popular among women when considering skincare; namely benefits, concerns, and ingredients.

For purchase consideration, each market was in charge of their own creative assets, dependent on that specific market’s variations.

Finally, for conversions, ads were retargeted to customers depending on their past behaviour.

The eight-month campaign rendered impressive results. Some of the standout achievements were a 36 point lift in add to cart, 13 point lift in ad recall, and a 10 point lift in brand awareness, among others.

Now Is The Time

Needless to say, social media and the digital marketplace is booming. There is no time like the present to establish your presence on Facebook and start creating your own campaigns for your own success story.

Large brands like Clinique, Marks & Spencer, and Nike, for instance, are evident that growing brand awareness through Facebook s possible. Though, the lesser-known brands, like FitFlop perhaps, also prove that Facebook is not only for the big players.

Facebook is built in a way that makes customising your ad campaigns to your specific audience and business needs simple. Because of that, it is undoubtedly one of the best tools available for growing your brand awareness.