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Lauren Carmen Das Neves

Lauren Carmen Das Neves

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Festive Marketing Ideas To Try In 2020

Imagining what Christmas is going to be like in 2020 can seem a little stressful and uncertain for many. With so many people focused on simply getting through the year, any mention of the festive season can cause many to feel overwhelmed.

The reality is that 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us and trying to get the attention of people who are under a lot of pressure is difficult. However, the festive season is also a time to feel joy and share it with others. As a digital marketing agency in London, the best way we know how to do this is through festive marketing.

If you’re struggling to think of some good festive marketing ideas, we’re sharing our favourites below, so that you can join in the cheer and spread the joy as well.

Invite Your Customers To Be Involved

A good marketing campaign will place its customers at the forefront of every decision. You could take this a step further during the holidays and invite your customers to actually become a part of your festive campaign. Involving them is one of the best things you can do as it creates a strong, personal relationship and makes them feel valued.

There are many ways to include your customers. Try incorporating their suggestions, designs, or talents into your digital marketing strategy to bring about a little diversity. Call on them to design your holiday season packaging, create your social media picture and video content, or offer holiday-themed name suggestions for your products  – with so much hidden talent out there, you may just stumble upon your best performing campaign to date.

Email Marketing – Christmas Style

No matter the occasion, email marketing will never be useless. A Christmas-themed email marketing campaign is the perfect way to put a seasonal touch on a typically normal part of business.

During the festive season, most people are often preparing to wind down, have a break, and spend time with family. Use this information in your email campaign, whether that’s by including a summary of the best Christmas films to watch together, the most delicious Christmas recipes to cook, or even just some fun Christmas-sy designs.

You can also sneak in a promotion somewhere in the email as a Christmas surprise. This is likely to bring excitement to the receiver and will definitely put them in that festive mood.

Besides, just because it’s Christmas time doesn’t mean that business stops. Including a promotion encourages your customers to continue supporting you through the holiday period and thereafter!

Transform Your Online Presence

Seeing as there is little retail shopping happening in stores at present, you can give your website and other social platforms a festive makeover.

Create holiday imagery that can be shared across all platforms, write short holiday-themed blog posts, and make your social presence so distinct that it’s hard to miss. 

Taking the world we live in right now into consideration, working with what’s available is key. While Zoom calls and Google Hangouts are so in demand at the moment, use them to your advantage. Create festive-themed backgrounds that customers can get ahold of, to be used during Zoom calls and meetings. This will create a positive buzz and certainly bring a festive feel onto the call.

As Christmas draws closer and closer, we are looking forward to seeing all the creative festive marketing campaigns that come to life. After all, it is meant to be the most wonderful time of the year and 2020 won’t make that any less true!