2019 Shopify App Checklist
Tom Welbourne

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2019 Shopify App Checklist

More than 500,000 people are using Shopify for their business and an additional 700,000 people use the Shopify backend.

With its more than easy to use platform, people are opting to use it for its simplicity instead of complicated platforms such as woocommerce for wordpress.

Not only this but Shopify has its own store for apps that make using the platform even easier.

The only problem with their app store is that there are sooo many apps that people often get the common paralysis by analysis and end up with a bunch of apps for their store that has no use whatsoever.

We’ve worked with quite a few e-commerce stores and we have quite a good idea on what apps work and what apps are unnecessary.


Search engine optimisation is important no matter what business you are in which is why you should keep on top of it.

WordPress has Yoast SEO and Shopify has Plug-In SEO – Find out more about Plug-In SEO here

What does it do?

It gives you a simple verdict – does your store have issues with search engine performance that is worth fixing??

When you install the app, the app checks your store and areas such as page titles, headings, meta descriptions and much more.


On the topic of SEO, you will want the SEO Image Optimiser app to compress your images.

Google search might be the biggest search engine but the second biggest search engine is Google images.

Downloading this app takes just 2-minutes and will automatically optimise the alt text for every image on your


With the average cart abandonment rate at 67.91%, it is important that you’re catching those customers who fall through the net just as your pulling up the net from the sea.

Imagine what it would mean to your business and to your sales if you could get even a ? of the 67.91% that fall through the net…

Well there’s an app for that and it’s called Abandoned Cart Recovery which you can download here. 

You can set up:

  • Persistent Cart

  • Exit intent pop-up

  • Abandon cart emails

Don’t leave your money on the table by ignoring abandoned carts. Recover lost sales + increase your store’s revenue with Abandoned Cart Recovery.


With referral leads converting 30% better than leads generated from other marketing channels a higher lifetime value by 16%, it’s worth looking into apps that encourage your customers to do your advertising for you.

Not only are happy customers more than willing to advertise to their friends and family what they’ve bought, but they also advertise to their network and encourage referrals anytime they put your product in a good spotlight.

Try using Rewards and Referral by Swell, you can do this and encourage loyal customers by offering rewards as part of your loyalty scheme. Download here


There is nothing worse when going to buy something online than being asked to fill out field after field with personal information.

If this was playing out face to face, it would resemble the seller putting up objections as to why the buyer shouldn’t buy from them, it’s that daft.

Nearly everyone has a social profile they can use to sign up with nowadays that you should look at downloading an app that gives your customers the option to sign in with their Facebook account for example.

Try the one-click social login app for this feature. Download it here


When your customer is in the process of buying something, they are in a prime mode to buy something else from you.

This is where up-selling and cross-selling comes into play.

With up-selling, you can suggest an additional item to the original purchase a customer is going/has made. With cross-selling, you can recommend products related to the item that the customer is going to purchase.

Try the Cross Sell Recommended Products app. 


Going back to one of our first points in the article, there are countless other apps available on the Shopify that may do your store good but are probably unnecessary.

Focus on the basics and make sure your product, customer experience and website design/usability are in place before you start going into the minutiae of detail that is Shopify apps.

As mentioned at the start of this post, we have helped many e-commerce clients with their stores.

We can do the same for you so if you’re looking for a Digital Marketing agency based in London that specialises in helping small businesses then schedule a call with one of our team HERE 🙂

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